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Yesterday, Google rolled out one cool new Gmail feature that Gmail users will love. Gmail has long been the email for developers (as is Google's Android), so it's not such a huge shock that Google would create a new email feature that people will love. What is this new and amazing feature? Basically, developers can now add quick actions to email messages. Here's how it works.

Customizable Buttons

Emails can now show a quick action button next to an email, so users don't even have to open up that email. For example, you might receive an email with a RSVP button next to it. You can simply click on this button to respond to an invitation -- if a developer has opened up this feature, that is. Google is making Gmail customizable buttons completely open to developers.

If you have some email savvy, you can easily add a customizable button to any email that you send out. Not so savvy? It might take a bit of practice before you figure out how to add these options. There are a myriad of possibilities that arise with the new quick interaction button feature. Airlines can use this feature to allow passengers to quickly check in via email, and companies can ask those on a mailing list to respond by just clicking a yes or no button.

How amazing is that? This is a small feature, but it's a great one. Google also announced one more thing that pertains to Gmail: money transfers. That's right, you can now send money via Gmail. Here's the scoop on that story.

Sending Money Through Gmail

Soon, there will be a dollar sign next to emails. If you click on this dollar sign, you can send money via Google Wallet through Gmail. Imagine the potential here! You can send money to your therapist, to your friends, to your roommate -- to anyone you want. All of this through Gmail. Wow, Google, you are really blowing minds today!

Even better: the recipient of your cash doesn't have to have Gmail. You can also send debit and credit payments. Sending money through debit or credit will cost you an additional 2.9% per transaction, but it can be done. How safe is all of this money transferring?

Google Makes It All Safe

Google claims that all transactions are encrypted and stored on secure servers. According to Google, you don't have to worry about someone stealing your bank account details. Google will also back up any transitions that are eligible (read the fine print). Let's recap. You can now add customizable buttons to gmail emails. You can also send money to someone (whether or not they have Gmail) by clicking on the small dollar sign. Both of these features will be rolling out over the next few days.

What will Google think of next? It's hard to tell. But, it's clear that Google keeps working on Gmail, which is one of the company's most popular programs. Don't have Gmail? Maybe it's time to get it. Take a look!