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Google has been doing a great job at keeping all of its old services current and relevant. Gmail is no exception to the ongoing Google update agenda. Starting today, Gmail users will now have the option to star outgoing messages in addition to starring incoming messages. Users can also file these outgoing messages accordingly using labels. While this seems like a minor adjustment, the ability to star outgoing messages is really quite helpful from an organizational standpoint. Also, the fact that Gmail just keeps getting better really says something positive about Google as a company.

Why Would You Star an Outgoing Message?

So why would you bother to star and label an outgoing message? After all, outgoing messages are messages that you haven’t sent yet. Well, its simple to forget to follow up with a sent message or to remember whom you have sent messages to. Now that you can label, file, and star those messages, you will never forget to follow-up or to find out why someone hasn’t written back to you. Sure, you could drive yourself nuts by starring all messages and sit there wondering (while chewing your nails off) why that HR rep hasn’t written back to you or why your friend is no longer reading your emails, but if you avoid this manic behavior you’ll also find that starring some emails is necessary.

Most email programs focus on incoming messages since those are, seemingly, the most important messages in one’s inbox. However, this clearly isn’t the case. Every day people send messages that should be followed up on, but most of us forget to do so and this results in lots of loose ends. Now, thanks to Google’s genius, you can make sure that every message you send is filed accordingly.

Gmail Remains Superior

Is it any wonder that Gmail is often the email service of choice for people around the world? Even though Google is all wrapped up in the mobile phone thing and has its hands full with Google Plus, this is one company that never forgets its users. After all, Gmail users may or may not use Plus or have an Android phone, but Google doesn’t care…or does it? Playing nicely with current Google service users is certain to entice some people to move away from iOS or Facebook and move towards Google. Then again, on the Facebook front, most social media users are already doing this thanks to Facebook’s, somewhat vulgar, ad campaign ideas.

Social media aside, Google hasn’t forgotten the little people (or the Gmail users), and this racks up lots of points for the search giant. Even if you see no point to starring outgoing mail (and you aren’t quite as obsessive as some), there’s no doubt that you’ve taken advantage of other new Gmail features that have arisen over the past year or so. If you do have Gmail, the new outgoing features are ready and working right now, so go ahead and star away. Just make sure that you aren’t crying over those emails that were never responded to!