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  • Goji Play: a New Way to Workout
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Tired of the same old boring gym workouts? Say hello to Goji Play from startup Goji Blue, creators of Guitar Hero. For $99, you can make the gym feel like a video game with their neat little device that senses your movements in real time. Wait, what? Trying to imagine how this works?

The Goji Play is a mobile gaming system you affix to standard gym equipment such as bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills. It links up to your iPad or iPhone, and allows you to play fast-paced games that you just can't get enough of (or so Goji Blue hopes). While you workout, you're immersed in game play, which the company says will take the work out of your workout. You might not even remember you're working out!

How Does It Work?

Included in the box are three items: two controllers and a motion tracker. All three of these things are linked to your iOS device using your Bluetooth wireless connection. All three feature fabric straps, with the controllers being affixed to the handles of the gym equipment (obviously, wherever your hands would go.)

As is typical for game console controllers, the two controllers mounted to the handles have large buttons (X, Y, A, and B) featuring the usual colors (blue, yellow, green and red). This is an advantage – you'll be able to use it right away if you are a gamer.

The movement tracker features a clip, similar to that of Fitbit devices. Clip the tracker to the waistband of your workout gear, or stick it in your pocket if you'd prefer. What if you don't use handlebars, as on a treadmill? It comes with two short sticks that you can hold in your hands with the controllers attached, kind of like batons.

Download the Goji Play app to your iOS device, and pick a game. There are currently 12 games available to choose from, games like Fisticuffs (boxing in Victorian times), Super Moto X (a motocross racing game), and Smash the Blocks (kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog.) Stick your iOS device somewhere you can see it, and get playing!


In Cnet testing, it was surprising how engaging the games were. The workout didn't really feel like a workout, as the games distract you from it all. Instead of worrying about your sore muscles or how many calories you've burned, you're worrying about beating the next level. It can even get you working harder than you would have normally. In Fisticuffs, for example, how fast you're peddling controls how hard your character punches. You might find yourself burning more calories than ever before!

You'll probably want to use headphones so no one else is bothered by your gameplay. A good point raised during testing: will gym-goers embrace the Goji Play? Most people like to bring very little along, so bringing an iPad and all three controllers seems a bit of a stretch. However, if you exercise at home, it could work out alright.

Give it a try for $99.