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  • Google's Chromecast: Details (and Sold Out!)
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As soon as it hit markets, the Google Chromecast sold out. In case you missed the announcement, Google's Chromecast is a new streaming accessory that lets users stream mobile content to TV. By connecting the dongle to a television's HDMI port, users can stream media instantly.

The small dongle sold (and will continue to sell) for $35 via Amazon and other online retailers (it was also sold in the Google Play store). At the time of this writing, the Chromecast is sold out. Clearly, Google finally developed a TV product that consumers want.

All About Chromecast

Google has been trying for some time to break into the TV market. With Apple being the company's biggest competitor, Google had to try and come up with something that could compete with Apple TV and Apple's AirPlay. In years past, Google failed at this task with devices like a set top box, and services like Google TV. Chromecast is different.

Not only is Chromecast not a box or large device, it also serves a different sort of purpose. Google's main objective with Chromecast is to allow users to stream content from providers like YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, Google Music, and other streaming services. Chromecast does all of this for a mere $35, which is way less than what Apple sells its TV for. That might be the reason why Chromecast sold out.

The Chromecast runs on Android or iOS, and it communicates with both audio and video clips. Google has told press that the company aims to create an entire system of apps and embed the technology in various devices in the future. Currently, there is beta support for connecting any Chrome tablet with Chromecast.

What You'll Get With Chromecast

Google is currently offering a free three month subscription to Netflix with the purchase of any Chromecast dongle. This incentive has a lot of people buying up Chromecasts quickly - especially those that have wanted to try out Netflix, but didn't want to sign up for the service right away. Sadly, though, you won't be able to get your hands on a Chromecast right away.

Unexpected Delivery Delays

Google did not expect such a massive influx of Chromecast orders. Mere hours after Chromecast was put up for sale, the company sold out of the devices. This has pushed back production of Chromecasts to August 2nd or 7th. Google has announced that the company is currently out of inventory. Hopefully, you have ordered your Chromecast already. If not, you will have to wait - but that might not be a bad thing.

As with any new device, it pays to wait and see what reviews of that device will be before purchasing one. Even though consumers seem to instantly love what Google puts out, buying the latest device on the market may not be the best course of action. My advice? Wait until the actual reviews roll in.

Sure, Chromecast seems like the perfect alternative to anything Apple, but there are bound to be some drawbacks.