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  • Google Drive

Google Docs is a popular file synching service offered by the search giant Google. If you have used Docs before, you may have noted how convenient this file sharing system is. Sure, Google Docs has its quirks, but it is a useful way to share and change various files. Around the time that Google Docs surfaced, rumors about another Google file-sharing system called Google Drive also emerged.

All rumors surrounding Google Drive died down over the past few years, but now Google Drive is rearing its head once again. Rumors directly from Google’s mouth (and other notable tech sites) have been hinting that the release of the finished Google Drive is within reach. If it materializes, Google Drive may be a tough competitor for sites like Dropbox.

What Google Drive Will Do

If you already use Google Mail and Google Docs, why not keep all of your files in one large space? This is what Google Drive aims to accomplish. Call it cloud-like, Dropbox-like, or anything else you want. The idea is to provide users with one large area that contains all important information and can be accessed at all times.

There are also some rumors circulating that Google Drive may soon be available via smartphone or other device. Google hasn’t mentioned anything of this sort yet, but companies like Google are great at waiting until the last minute to leak information.

Then again, Google might be waiting for Apple to release the ever-popular, not quite in existence, iPhone 5. Why? Releasing a new synching service at the same time as Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement would garner a lot of attention for Google – not to mention the fact that Google and Apple are forever at each other’s throats.

The Competition Heats Up

Let’s think about all the companies aiming to gain “cloud” clients. First, we’ll start with Google’s imminent “Google Drive.” Now, let’s move on to Apple’s “iCloud,” which is coming up really soon. Lastly, let’s take a quick look at Amazon’s new synching option. The outcome of all of these new creations is a fiercely competitive field centered upon synching services.

So, why is synching so important? People want quick access to files, information, and emails. In addition to quick and easy access, these things must be highly secure. The idea that a number of people can access software, files, emails, and a bunch of other stuff simply by logging into a network is mind-boggling – and every company out there wants to be the first to offer the best cloud computing option.

Where to Watch

Should you place your money on Apple, Amazon, or Google? It looks like Google might be the top contender at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that Apple or Amazon won’t soon catch up. If you want to know who’s going to come out with the best synching option first, keep your eye on all three companies. Google’s Drive is bound to be something great – especially if you like Google Docs, but, then again, Apple and Amazon are ready to impress as well.