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  • Marketers Take Note: New Google Image Update
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Google Images provides a convenient way to search for specific images. The only problem was that each image would bring up a landing page. In turn, users would have to click on that page, which would then direct to another page. In the end, finding information for one photo would result in a number of different opened pages. Thankfully, Google has recognized and updated Google Image. The new Google Image includes more meta information, better details and four clickable links.

Marketers, social media experts, writers, copywriters, and anyone else putting information on the web or using the web: take note. The new Google Image changes are important to almost anything that has to do with Internet marketing or searching for new photos using Google.


All images have metadata (they should, at least) that lists the image title and some handy keywords for search purposes. Now, Google will display this information prominently when a user searches for any photo. Metadata will be displayed underneath a photo instead of directing a user to a separate website.

Domain Names

Google will now make each domain name clickable, so that users have easier access to a domain that showcases a photo. This allows users to simply click on a host name and visit a website. Google has also made some changes to how a source page loads.

Source Page Loading

Previously, clicking on a photo meant that a source page will appear in back of that photo. While seeking a source page is nice, it slows down image response time. Now, Google Image photos will simply appear in a nice and neat lineup without a source page in the background. The whole thing is simpler and easier to manage. In case you missed it, you can now add four clickable source page links to any one image. Google’s new Image news is excellent news for site owners and searchers alike.

What This Means for SEO Marketers

If you work in the SEO or social media or any other kind of online world, you’ll need to know what Google has been up to. This way, you can add the right meta information to all photographs. Just don’t go too heavy on the keywords, or Google might ignore your photo altogether. It also pays to keep in mind that you have four chances to get your link out there. Google has designed its new Images for people searching for photos online, but it never hurts to be a savvy marketer either.

The new Google Image search will be introduced over the next few days. If you use the Internet to market, to look for photos, or just to browse, this is big news. Google’s new updates mean faster photos, better information, and an all-around excellent way to see what you want to see – and skip the junk. If you happen to search for a photo over the next few days, make sure to take note of Google’s new developments. Once noted, do come back and let me know what you think of Google’s latest updates.