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  • The All-New Google Maps for Android
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Apple’s iOS 6 launched yesterday. The new OS from Apple includes lots of changes. But one thing it doesn’t include is Google Maps. Apple has done away with Google Maps completely. In its place, Apple has devised its own mapping program. This has caused Google some alarm. Once the gold standard in mapping, Google, it seems, is no longer needed. In order to respond to Apple’s dismissal, Google has been working hard at revamping Google Maps for Android.

Google has told press that the new Maps is almost finished. The new Google Maps will come with some creative features and better synchronization. What is unclear is whether or not Google will release a Google Maps app for iOS 6 users. If you have an Android phone, here’s what you can expect from the new and improved Google Maps.

Map It Here; Send It There

The one feature that Google has been talking a lot about is the new synching feature. When logged into Google and looking up an address, that address will then be sent across all owned Android devices. For example, you can view a Google Maps address online, pick up your Android phone, and that mapped address will automatically appear on your phone. Google has eliminated the need to make an address note or send an email to yourself with address details.

Synching is a big deal. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why companies like Apple are so successful. Apple users can connect a phone with a laptop and even with Apple TV. If a user snaps a photo with an iPhone, that photo is then sent to iTunes where it can be displayed on an Apple desktop or laptop and on Apple TV. Google has taken some cues from Apple when it comes to synching. This will drive Android users to continue using Google Maps. It might even drive Apple users to download a Google Maps app. Maybe.

Google Maps App for Apple

Google has not yet told press whether or not a Google Maps app will exist via iOS. However, a Google spokesperson has gone on record stating that the new Google Maps will be for everyone. So, one can assume that Google will be sharing Maps with iOS users. Users who, until now, were used to what Google Maps had to offer. How does Apple’s new Maps program stack up to Google Maps? At first glance, it looks like a huge win for Apple. The company has spent many months perfecting this new mapping program and it shows.

There are some problems with the new Apple Maps, though. Some users have reported inconsistencies. Other users can’t locate towns. Sometimes, Apple Maps places a town in the wrong spot. These glitches are typical with any new program. But, Apple can’t really afford to mess this one up. After all, Apple did boot the beloved Google Maps in order to make room for Apple Maps. Hopefully, Apple will fix the Maps bugs sooner rather than later. If not, Google Maps fans will be anxiously awaiting a Google Maps for iOS app.