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  • Google Music: A Good Idea for Google?
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It’s no secret that Google is in competition with Apple. It is, after all, an Apple and Android world split decisively down the middle. Now, Google wants to get into music – much in the way that Apple got into music more than a decade ago. Google is set to launch an all-new online music store. This store, as you might have guessed, will function much the same way as the iTunes store.

The differences between the two stores are yet to be revealed, since Google isn’t officially announcing the launch of the new download store until this afternoon in Los Angeles (November 16th). However, it’s relatively easy to assume that Google’s new music download site will take the form of other Google content sites (Google already has an online software and book download site). The question is: is a music download store a good move for the search giant or has Google finally bitten off more than it can chew?

Moving Too Quickly

It seems as though Google creates new sites and networks, and then moves onto the next project without finalizing the former project. Google Plus, for example, is still around, but G+ really could use some work. The social networking site (meant to rival Facebook) is not all that it could be, and it’s still very clumsy to use. If you’ve tried setting up a business page on Google Plus, you have probably noticed that it takes quite a bit of time to get used to the network interface.

Google Plus aside, Google as a whole seems to be jumping from place to place without a lot of consideration. Another good example is Google Reader. Google created its Reader some time ago and all was fine. Then, Google decided to revamp Google Reader. This facelift was met with much protest, and, admittedly, Google Reader isn’t what it used to be. But did Google stop and listen to user complaints? Not so much. Google has gotten sneaky too. If you want to sign up for a new Gmail account, you’ll have to create a Google Plus account as well (with or without your consent, really), since the two are now linked.

Can Google Compete With iTunes?

The simple answer here is “no.” However, only time will tell just how well users will receive the new Google music venture. Will Google offer unbeatable prices on tunes? Will the interface be even easier to use than the current iTunes interface (hard to imagine!)? What will Google offer to users that people can’t get through iTunes? Of course, there’s the die-hard fan factor to consider as well.

Quite ridiculously, smartphone users are now devoted to Android or Apple (those that aren’t using BlackBerry or Windows devices, that is). So devoted, in fact, that some Android users may even switch form iTunes to Google Music simply based upon loyalty. Stupid? Maybe. A possibility? You bet. Google is banking on its current “cool” factor to get ahead of Apple.

The funny thing about the cool factor is that once a company becomes popular, that rebellious element slowly begins to dissipate (as was the case with Apple, which may, once again, become cool if Google moves too quickly. Today, the world will find out if Google can successfully beat out iTunes, though this reviewer is going to state (early in the game) that Google is far too late to conquer the online music scene.