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  • Google Play for Android Gets a Facelift
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Google has always created bright and colourful logos -- even the Google Play logo is a mish-mashed rainbow. So, why is the Google Play app for Android so dark and gloomy? Greys and blacks create a ho-hum interface for Google Play users, but, hopefully, this won't be for long. Droid Authority reports this morning that Google Play for Android is going through a makeover.

The new Google Play will be better and brighter, and Android users can finally feel energized when looking at what Play offers (instead of feeling bleak). In addition to a new colour scheme, Google Play will also include some new features. Here's what's known so far.

New Google Play Updates

The first thing that you'll notice when looking at the newly revamped Google Play is the overall outlook. Each app is separated by a large white block, icons are definitely bigger than they were before, and you can now decide whether or not you want your phone to auto-update every app that you use.

Before the new opt-out of auto-update feature, Android users were subjected to apps that automatically updated. Automatic updates can be rather annoying if you aren't looking to update an app (sometimes an older version is just better). Now, you can decide whether or not you want to update.

Google's Gone Visual

As with most apps and websites today, Google has decided to add more visuals and less text to the Play store. You will see larger photos, bigger text, and things that draw your eye directly to an app. It's not clear yet what the main Google Play screen will look like. Right now, those testing the new Play are seeing a blank screen when loading the store, but this will likely change.

There's no doubt about the fact that Google Play needed a makeover, and Google has certainly been hard at work making sure that Play users are greeted with a better overall look. Google wants to keep app developers in the Play store, and the company wants to make Android users happy too. So far, the new look seems to work.

When This New Play Will Arrive

Google is great at sending reviewers beta version of apps while remaining quiet about an unveiling. Right now, Google hasn't release any information as far as a timing release goes. In my estimation, it will only be a matter of weeks before Google Play shows up across the board.

Google has been working hard lately. First, the company got rid of Google Reader (for some reason), and now the company is working on a new Google Play look. There's no doubt about it: Google is a company that continuously tries to better its products (though nixing Google Reader might have been a mistake).

If you are one of the lucky ones and already have the new Google Play, let me know how it looks. So far, those that do have the new version are more than happy with the changes. Has Google gotten it right this time? It certainly looks that way!