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  • Google Locks It Up With Two-Step Security
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Google wants to be sure that nobody can hack into any of your Google accounts. To keep your information perfectly safe, Google will soon be introducing a two-step verification process. While not mandatory, this security feature is a good idea for anyone who happens to have a Google account.

In the past, Google has gained some criticism for not having secure websites. Even thought the company has tried to keep sites secure, hacks tend to happen often. Now with Google Plus and other sites being used widely across the world, Google wants to make sure that nobody can hack into your Google account. In short, opting for the new Google verification process is a wise choice.

The Process

So, what will Google do to make sure that your account is safe? Every time that you log into a Google account, you will need to enter a security code. This code will be send to your smartphone via SMS or other method. Once you have the code, you can sign into the account that you are trying to access. Google has made this security feature available to Google app users for some time now, but the added security will now be part of logging into any Google account.

If entering a security code every day sounds like a pain, this is both a true and false notion. Google sites will remember user security codes for thirty days if a user selects this option. If not, it only takes a moment to retrieve an account code. While time consuming, this process is necessary for anyone who wants to deter hackers.

Google Accounts Impacted

The new Google two-step security feature will impact all Google accounts. This includes Gmail, Google Plus, Google Docs, Blogger, and various other Google sites. As mentioned, you will have the option of choosing to go through this two-step security feature. If added security is not something that you are worried about, you do not have to set up this process.

However, this author believes that Google’s new security initiative is a good one. After all, you can never be too secure when it comes to your account information. Sure, a two-step security process can be time consuming, but it is well worth the time you’ll spend. Consider, if you will, the information that you may have floating around the web if you use a program such as Google Documents. Now, consider how easy it is for hacker to hack into those documents (very). Preventing any prying eyes from peeking into your private information is as simple as taking Google up on their latest security offer, so why not?

A Good Step for Google

Google is set to offer the new security feature to users all over the world within the next week or so. As soon as you see this security option pop up, you can opt to have that security code sent to your smartphone. What if you don’t have a smartphone? Presumably, Google can send a security number to a regular phone, but this may not be the case (we’ll have to wait and see).

You will also have to provide a backup phone number in addition to a primary phone number, in case your primary phone becomes lost, stolen, or broken. Of course, you’ll also still have to log into every Google account using your original password information. Soon, Google sites may be the securest around.