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  • New: Groupon Reserve

Groupon has long been known as a deal site. If you want a coupon for tanning or tasty treats, Groupon is the place to go. But, Groupon wants to branch out. Today, the company has launched 'Groupon Reserve.' Groupon Reserve is a lot like the old Groupon, but this site allows you to actually reserve a spot at that hot new restaurant. Groupon Reserve was built for consumer and business owners alike.

Groupon Reserve for Businesses

Even the best restaurants in New York City have table to fill. Sometimes, a slow night means empty tables, and that's where Groupon Reserve comes into play. This site lets restaurant owners offer up deals on last minute reservations.

For example: if you own a restaurant and you'd like to fill some tables for tonight, simply list those empty tables on Groupon Reserve. Before you know it, diners will be lining up ta take those extra spots. If you're a diner, this site is even better.

Groupon Reserve for Consumers

Using the new Groupon Reserve app, you can book any last minute table. Groupon aims to get the best restaurants in various towns on the Reserve list, so you can find what you're looking for quickly. All you have to do is find a place to eat, let the restaurant know how many people are in your party, and book your spot.

Since the reservation goes through Groupon, you can get a deal on a seat too. The whole thing is quick and painless, and you will find a great place to dine tonight using the Reserve system.

Included Cities and Expansion

Right now, Groupon Reserve includes locations in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Groupon execs have told press that the company plans to expand to more cities in the US this summer, and to international destinations by the end of 2013. So, if you're not on that list yet, just sit tight and wait.

In addition to restaurant reservation options, Groupon Reserve will soon include other reservations like spa options and various other packages. Right now, the company is focusing on restaurants because that seems to be the natural fit. Since Group Reserve has just been launched, the site is limited at the moment. Groupon has big plans to expand in the near future.

Giving Groupon Reserve a Shot

If you happen to be traveling and you need to book a restaurant reservation (in one of the cities listed), give the Gorupon Reserve app a shot. You'll find that some excellent restaurants have already lined up to fill spots for tonight, and you'll be hard pressed to find a better dining deal at the last minute.

Keep in mind, too, that Groupon Reserve also includes those famous Groupon deals, so you'll get a table with a discount added - what more could you ask for? Dining out tonight? Why not get a Groupon Reserve deal at the last minute? It's hard to beat a discount plus a last minute spot at the best restaurant in town!