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Sometimes, your dining room table and a laptop just won't cut it. If you want to get your office off the ground and rolling along nicely, you will probably need some office space. The problem is that renting office space before you actually start making revenue is costly. You have to lock into a monthly contract, and some spaces ever require a yearly lease contract.

There might be the perfect solution to this problem. That solution is called 'Hire Space,' and it's exactly as it sounds: an app that lets startups effectively rent space without a lengthy lease. Sound like a good idea? Take a moment to read about this novel new concept.

Renting From Hire Space

Hire Space can be used to find temporary office space, but the service really focuses on venue space. When creating any kind of business or personal event, venue space is often required but too hard to find. Hire Space hopes to fix that problem.

In fact, the service came from a very real problem. A school teacher desperately trying to save venues from closing ran into a political advisor seeking space. The rest was startup history. Now, Rent Space is working throughout the London area to rent out venue spaces. What kinds of spaces are for rent?

Everything from abandoned business space to school rooms. If there's a space available, Rent Space aims to make that space ready for renting.

Hire Space Elsewhere

Right now, the Hire Space site includes more than 750 different venue spaces for rent. All of these spaces are within the London area, so Rent Space won't work for you if you don't live in London - yet. If this idea catches on, Rent Space may come to a town near you. It's hard to see why this idea wouldn't catch on too.

If you consider sites like Air B&B and other companies seeking to rent out space (a company in Brooklyn is currently renting out industrial kitchen space, for example), it all makes good sense. Just like renting out your apartment or summer home, renting our commercial space is a great way to earn some revenue, prevent a business from folding, and provide spaces to people seeking them. In short, it's a win-win situation.

What's Next For Hire Space?

The company has told press that they plan to move to other parts of Europe including Paris, and that the service will be heading to New York in the future. Right now, Hire Space is only available in London, but it's an idea that seems to have a great amount of potential. The site does well too, raking in more than 1,000 Pounds per month - it seems there's a lot of space out there that people want to rent!

To read more about Hire Space, check out the company's main website. As mentioned, this service is only available in London at the moment, but hopefully that location restriction is only temporary. Love this idea? Hate it? Got a space to rent? Comment below.