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  • AT&T Turns to Security Tech
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Controlling various aspects of your home from your smartphone isn't a new thing. But, AT&T wants to make this process even easier. The company is getting into the home security business starting with new software that makes automating your home simpler.

AT&T's Digital Life Software

The idea behind AT&T's Digital Life software is to provide users with a completely customized solution. Most software packages don't optimize or customize for individuals, and that's where AT&T's offering will be unique. Through pre-packaged bundles, AT&T's new system will cater to individuals and individual needs.

Different bundle packages allow users to control different aspects of a home. For example, the Camera Bundle lets people control cameras set up inside or outside of a home. AT&T has a variety of different bundle options for users to select from. So, how does your smartphone play into all of this?

Alerts Sent To You

AT&T will monitor your home (the company is also offering installments) for you. When, and if, something happens, you will be sent notifications via smartphone (text). Almost everything about AT&T's software sounds good, right? Well, there's one hangup that I can think of.

If you want to use the At&T system, you will have to purchase all AT&T products. The company isn't going to monitor your home system for you if that system was purchased from another company. So, you'll have to swap out whatever you have right now for AT&T products.

Pricing and Availability

AT&T has set up two U.S. operations centers in Dallas and Atlanta. Packages start at $40 per month, which doesn't include basic equipment and installation (around $240). If you want to monitor your home using your smartphone, this might be a good security package for you to choose from. Then again, there are plenty of other companies out there offering similar monitoring packages and software.

The main difference here is that AT&T's solution is IP-based, which means that the company can tell you exactly what's happening when it happens. Instead of seeing a "breach" notification, for example, you will be told exactly where that breach took place. Targeting specifics is what the company hopes will set it apart form the rest.

Anyone Can Use It On Any Network

AT&T's system will run on the AT&T network, but anyone with a broadband connection can use it. You can't use it if you don't have an iOS, Android, or Windows phone, though. The AT&T network only works with those phones, so keep this in mind if you have a BlackBerry or other device.

When it comes to home security that's tech-based, AT&T's new software is a first for the company. AT&T is hoping that people seeking home security will see the benefit of this system, and that the new security angle will be profitable for the company. While this all sounds interesting, I'm not sure how AT&T's system will set the company apart from the rest. What do you think? Is this a unique spin on security for your home?