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  • Microsoft Updates IE on the Sly
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Microsoft is finally updating the outdated current version of Internet Explorer. Only, this time around, MS isn’t asking people if they want to update or not. Well, that’s not entirely true. Microsoft will automatically update Internet Explorers if a person has checked the “automatically update” box. Those who don’t want to update can explore a myriad of options, but not updating at this point doesn’t make a lot of sense for security reasons. Simply put, an updated browser is a safer browser, and that’s all there really is to it.

While many people use Chrome or Firefox these days, Internet Explorer is still used widely around the world. Now, you might be rolling your eyes and thinking “who uses IE anymore?” If this is what’s running through your head, the simple answer is: a lot of people! Did you know that more than 50% of the browser market relies upon IE? Now, think about the fact that IE has not been updated in awhile, and those security risks, and you will begin to see why the news that Microsoft is finally updating IE is so darn important.

IE 6

I’m still shocked and amazed that Microsoft hasn’t updated Internet Explorer yet. After all, IE 6 (the latest version) was last updated six years ago – that’s right, six years ago market the last Explorer update. This is a fairly amazing amount of time considering the fact that Chrome and Mozilla (amongst others) update their browsers more than a few times per year. Thus, it’s easy to see why the news that Microsoft is finally updating Explorer is big news. It’s, perhaps, even bigger news that Microsoft is making these updates without actually telling IE users.

Firefox and Chrome both automatically update on a regular basis. If you use either one of these browsers, you know that updates are happening all the time.

While many of these updates are insignificant (offering up very small changes), the browsers are updated regularly all the same. Internet Explorer is finally entering the present browser game, though many still believe that IE is behind the times. Will Microsoft make sure that Internet Explorer is updated regularly – or even a few times per year? There’s no word on this yet, but those who use IE will do well to make sure that the browser is updated when it’s ready to roll.

Update Timing

While Microsoft has officially announced the upcoming IE updates, these changes won’t happen until January. Updates will begin in Australia and Brazil, and then trickle down to the rest of the planet. If you aren’t sure whether or not you will get the update once it’s released worldwide, there’s a quick way to tell if your browser will be updated automatically. Simply make sure that the “Automated Updates” option is turned on in Windows, and your browser will be updated when it’s time.

Not updating your IE browser means risking security. Sure, it’s important to have control over your own computer, but it’s even more important to make sure that the browser you use is safe from most types of privacy issues. If you are thinking about not updating, consider whether or not you want to keep your Internet information safe.