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  • Instagram 2.0
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Instagram is easily the most popular iPhone photo app. In case you’re not familiar with this app, Instagram allows users to share photos with other users, apply a number of excellent filters to photos, and alter the angle of a photo. You can also share any photo you snap and filter with various social network fans. It’s hard to imagine that Instagram could be better than it already is.

Yet, the developers behind Instagram have, indeed, made this app even spiffier. The new Instagram 2.0 has a lot to offer iPhone users. If you have Instagram, update it now. If you don’t have it, you need it. Is it really that simple? You bet. Here’s what you can expect from that new Instagram update.

New Filters

Instagram already has the best filters I’ve ever seen from an iPhone app. Let me rephrase that: Instagram has the best filters I’ve ever seen almost anywhere. But the new Instagram filters are even better.

Possibly due to the fact that the Instagram creators know the existing filters are incredible, so they’ve left these alone. Instead of trying to change a good thing, the new filters simply add to the options.
The new filters include Hudson, Amaro, Rise, and Valencia.

All of these filters proved to be excellent when I tested them. What’s even better than new filters? The ability to see what a photo will look like when you apply a filter – before you even snap that photo. A small eye icon on the bottom right hand of the camera screen will allow you to view each filter before you take a picture. So, you can see if that creepy doll some child left on a street corner will actually look good when the Hudson filter is applied.

Tilt and Shift Like a Pro

Instagram 2.0 also includes an improved Tilt and Shift function. It’s now possible to tilt and shift a lot faster than the older version allowed. Instagram claims that the tilt and shift feature is now 100 times faster, so you can make any photo look just the way you want it to in a snap. This is another innovative and amazing addition to the Instagram app. But, I’m not done quite yet. Instagram has added one more feature that you’ll love.

Higher Resolution

Ever wish that you could print out a photo and post it on your wall? Well, this would have been possible with the last Instagram, but the photo would have been fuzzy. Now that Instagram has increased photo resolution, you can snap and print excellent photos every time. Want a giant photo of the Empire State Building? Why not print it out? The sky’s the limit with the newest Instagram installment.


Instagram 2.0 is currently available in the Apple App Store. If you already have Instagram 1.0, you can just update your app. All of the features that I’ve talked about above will automatically appear. If you have an Android phone, well, you won’t be able to download Instagram 2.0. Sadly, Instagram has still not mentioned an Android app.