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  • Apps Must be Retina Ready For iPad
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The “resolutionary” iPad is here. So what does that mean for app developers? It means that all apps must be up to iPad’s par or face complete destruction. As it turns out, many popular apps (and apps that you might love right now) don’t look so hot on the new iPad. This is due to the new iPad’s amazing retina display that turns any app not “retina ready” into a bunch of jumbled pixels. For obvious reasons, app developers are scrambling to make sure that their apps look great on the new iPad and as many new iPad owners are finding out, lots of those beloved apps don’t look so hot right now.

If you happen to be an app developer, it’s time to make sure that your app lives up to the new iPad hype. If you don’t make these changes, you can expect another developer to sneak into the App Store with a similar app and steal all of your current glory – kind of like Amazon is doing right now to many other reading apps on the market.

Amazon Was One of the First

Just yesterday, Amazon announced a new Kindle app for the iPad. At first announcement, most reviewers (myself included) simply thought that the new Kindle app included a few extra features but that’s it. Well, it turns out that the new Kindle app is about far more than just a few additional features. While the old Kindle app isn’t fairing too badly on the new iPad, the new Kindle app is much sharper. The text that you’ll read via the new Kindle app is pin-perfect, while the older app will generate text that’s a bit blurrier. Not only was Amazon the first developer to kick out a new iPad app, but also Amazon was thinking way ahead of all the other developers out there.

Amazon knew from the start that the recent addition to the iPad family would change things. That’s why the content company scrambled to put out a great reading app. Now, lots of other readers in the Apple Store don’t look so good compared to what Amazon is offering. In short, lots of new iPad owners are going to be looking for a reading app that isn’t all jumbled and blurry, and that quest will lead new iPad owners right into Amazon’s large and cumbersome arms. Have no fear though, I’m certain that other developers are currently working to update apps before people realize how bad things look on the new iPad with an older app.

Mostly, text-based apps are showing badly on the new iPad, but plenty of other apps aren’t looking so hot either. If you have just purchased a new iPad and are disappointed with the way some of your apps look, hang tight. The fact of the matter is that app developers simply haven’t had the time to update apps to suit the new iPad. Within a month or so, most of the apps that you love will be restored to their former glory, so don’t switch apps quite yet. After all, Apple has come out with such an advanced product that it’s only fair to give app developers time to catch up.