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  • iPad Mini: What’s Floating Around the Rumor Mill
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Have you heard? Apple might be working on a new kind of iPad, and this one comes in mini form. Apple has made mini versions of its popular devices before, and the iPad might not be an exception to this rule. There are lots and lots of rumors flying around about the upcoming iPad Mini, but which ones are actually true? Based on tried and true scientific methods and lots of analysis (no, not really), I’ve been able to determine which iPad Mini rumors are true and which are, well, just rumors. Here’s what seems plausible so far.

The Size and Shape of It All

It wouldn’t be possible for Apple to call any device a “mini” and make that device the same size as other devices on the market, right? So, it’s probably true that the iPad Mini will be much smaller than the current iPad. But, the question is, how much smaller? Some reliable sources are saying that the new Mini will be about the same width as the current Kindle. Screen-wise, many sources are stating something around 7.8-inches, though this might or might not be accurate.

It’s also possible that the new Mini might resemble the Nano more than the current iPad, which would be really interesting. One has to wonder though, will a miniature iPad defeat the entire purpose of the iPad? If you can’t actually watch a movie on it or view anything significant, is it even worth purchasing? Of course, there’s one benefit that’s really hard for many to pass up: price. Since the iPad Mini will be, well, mini, you can bet that Apple will greatly lower the price of the new device.

This price lowering may, in fact, be enough to entice many people who do not currently have iPads due to the high price of an iPad to purchase a smaller version of the tablet. Really, the move to a smaller version of the iPad seems like an intelligent one on Apple’s part. Even though Apple products are notoriously expensive, the company just might be able to cash in on some additional consumers who want an iPad that doesn’t come with a high price tag.

How Much Can You Rely on Rumors?

Previously, most rumors surrounding Apple products have been nearly spot-on. The majority of rumors surrounding the iPad Mini are coming from Japan and China, so this may or may not point to more reliable rumors. Once the first prototype has leaked or someone snaps a photo of the new Mini ahead of schedule, the rumors that are not true will be disregarded. For now, it seems feasible that Apple is, in fact, working on an iPad Mini, that the Mini will be affordable, and that it will be small and thin. Will the Mini look like a current Nano? This rumor is hard to swallow, since the Nano is square and really too tiny to consider formulating an iPad after. But, you never know what a company like Apple might be up to.

Rumor has it that Apple will begin product on the Mini in September, which will likely mean that the device will hit store shelves by Christmas. Will you buy an iPad Mini or is this concept just too, well, small?