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The first half of Apple’s presentation yesterday was all about numbers. For the first twenty minutes, Tim Cook went over Apple’s current growth. Impressive as those numbers are, it took a long time for Cook to finally present what we’ve all been waiting for: new devices. But, new devices were unveiled. Here’s what you missed if you weren’t glued to your computer screen during Apple’s live event yesterday.

The iPad Mini

The rumors have been circulating for months. Finally, the iPad Mini is here. Apple created the Mini to directly compete with Kindle’s Fire tablet. The Mini also happens to be in the same category as Google’s Nexus tablet. The Mini has a 7.9-inch screen and comes in two different sizes.

The first is the WiFi enabled iPad Mini, which includes a 16GB, 32GB, or 62GB storage option; weighs .68 pounds; comes with Bluetooth 4.0; and is available in either black or slate.

The second option is the WiFi + Cellular Mini. Storage options include 16GB, 32GB, or 62GB; Bluetooth 4.0; and various connectivity options depending on the model chosen (there are two different models).

Price-wise, the iPad Mini WiFi will retail for $329 (16GB), and the 64GB cellular version will start at $659. Do those prices look high to you? You aren’t alone. The question is, though, is the Mini worth the price, or should you just opt for a regular iPad? This remains to be seen.

A New iPad Too

You read that right. Apple just released a 4th generation iPad to go along with the Mini. This iPad comes with an A6X processor, 10 hours of battery life, and a bunch of other goodies. The new iPad will be priced starting at $599. Apple also announced a new iMac yesterday, though most of the emphasis was on the new Mini.

A Brand New Mac Lineup Too

Apple’s new iMac is thin. No; not just thin – bone thin (no pricing available yet). Apple is also releasing a new MacBook Pro that’s just 13-inches ($1699). You’ll also find a new iMac Mini on the market soon (starting at $1299). Cook spent some time yesterday showcasing how much thinner today’s Macs are from those released just years ago. Seemingly, Apple is moving in the thinner and lighter direction. But, yesterday’s news wasn’t all-good.

Some consumers who just purchased Apple’s latest iPad aren’t thrilled about the iPad Mini or the 4th generation iPad. Apple tends to release devices once per year, and this is something that consumers are comfortable with. When Apple comes out with devices two times per year, some consumers feel pressured to keep up with the latest tech.

This, in turn, causes a bit of a panic. This morning, websites that trade Apple devices saw a huge influx of iPads. Consumers, it seems, want the latest tablet in the Apple lineup. Take a look at Apple’s main site for additional information, color availability, and other details. It’s also worth checking out articles on this site that compare the new iPad lineup.