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  • The iPad Pro: What the Rumours Are About
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The rumours have just started circulating about the iPad Pro - the new Apple iPad rumoured to be in the works. When it comes to Apple products, the company remains quiet about what's really happening as a rule of thumb.

More often than not, though, those Apple products that are talked about on blogs way before they appear tend to be real devices that will soon be released to the general public.

What's the iPad Pro all about? In case you haven't heard about this device yet, it seems that Apple will be creating an iPad to outnumber them all - at least where size is concerned.

The New iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro would combine the MacBook Pro with the current iPad. The result? A larger and stronger iPad that's going to be some kind of cross between a laptop and a tablet. You can think of the Microsoft Surface for some idea of what the Pro might look like. Word on the tech street also points to a new A8 processor that some are calling Apple's 'quad-core' processor.

If these details are true, Apple will give Microsoft a run for its money. But, will Apple really combine a laptop and tablet, or is that way out of Apple's usual line of thinking? Other sources are pointing to a much larger iPad but not one, necessarily, that's a combination of a laptop and tablet. So, which rumours are true?

The Rumour Roundup

The report started with some news over at Barron's the pointed to a larger iPad. Then, the Wall Street Journal picked up the report to include information about a larger iPad that would combine what the MacBook Pro has with what the iPad has. Eventually, the rumours all swam together and what we have now is an iPad that much's bigger, faster, and better than all others. So, you see, the rumours are relatively similar.

Does it make sense for Apple to create such a device? Apple has not yet confirmed any of these speculations to be true (not surprisingly). But, it all kind of makes sense. Now, people want to know how much the new iPad will cost and when it will be released. For now, though, all we can do is sit back and speculate.

Additional Notes

This morning, the rumours about the new iPad Pro seem to be picking up speed with lots of tech analysts confirming the rumours to be true. However, it's important to point out that these are still just comments with nothing substantial available to report. Until it all comes from the mouth of an Apple representative, there's not much that can be said for sure.

Since Apple reps often comb social media sites and sites like this one, it may pay off for you to comment on this article. Would you like to see a much larger iPad? How much would you pay for an iPad Pro? Let the world know what you think about this potential device below!