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Apple iPads Coming Soon

Apple unveiled new iPhones and a few new services at the company’s latest launch, but iPad users were a bit surprised not to see the familiar tablet at the reveal. According to various sources, Apple will be launching a new iPad or two, but that won’t happen until the end of October. While Apple never reveals details about any of the company’s devices in advance, there are a few rumours circulating about the new iPads this morning.

Not One But Two

The first details that some sources close to Apple are revealing are that Apple will not be introducing just one new iPad, but the company will likely be introducing two new iPads. It’s fairly certain that both the iPad and iPad Air will come out of the upcoming reveal with new processors (A8), and that both tablets will likely have the Touch ID that many people use and love with current iPhone models (presently, Apple tablets do not have this feature).

Last year, Apple launched the then new iPad Air and iPad Mini on October 22nd, so it does make some good sense that the company will launch the new tablets towards the end of October as well. In addition to two new iPads, it’s also likely that Apple will launch the new OS X Yosemite at the same time as the company launches the new tablets. The one thing that we’re not likely to see, though, are new MacBooks, since the processors that were meant to go into the new MacBooks (“Broadwells”) have been delayed.

Enough to Spark Interest?

When the new iPads are revealed, I’m hoping that Apple includes a few more updates than the ones that are estimated here. I’m not entirely sure that people will want to upgrade to an iPad that only includes a few new things, even if one of those things is a faster processor, and most people will look for bigger changes. But, as stated, Apple never really reveals anything about the company’s new products until the day arrives when the products will be officially announced. So, Apple might have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Other rumours surrounding the release of Apple’s newest tablets include possible different colors, a thinner built on the iPad, and a volume rocker that’s entirely new. Design-wise, we probably won’t see much of a change other than the possibility of Touch ID, and maybe a gold casing on the iPad. One thing that might be coming (and would be welcomed) is the addition of an anti-glare screen, which would be a vast improvement over the older iPad model (but maybe still not enough to get you to upgrade or buy the new iPad or iPad Mini).

Some reports also indicate that the new iPads will have a 8-megapixel camera instead of the current 5-megapixel offering.

It’s likely that Apple will keep the same display, basic design, and other details that make an iPad an iPad. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact launch date, but I’m going to go with October 21 or 22nd this year. Stay tuned for details when the iPads are actually released.