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  • Jelly: More Than Just Jam
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To most people, jelly is a sweet and thick substance used to enhance the taste of toast. To Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Jelly is a new product. Stone recently sent out this tweet to his followers: "what is jelly?" Well, the answer to that question is somewhat confusing.

Jelly is an extension of the already existing Fluther. Fluther (yes, there's a jellyfish theme here) is a question and answer site kind of like Quora. The difference is, according to Stone, that Fluther is meant to be in real-time. So, you can ask a question and have that question answered immediately. You can also follow certain people if you like the responses that those people come up with. Okay, so that's Fluther. What the heck is Jelly?

Jelly: The Product That Has Everyone Talking

Biz Stone is notorious for being mysterious. This guy doesn't divulge anything, and he doesn't play the "oops! this accidentally leaked!" game. He does offer up some clues, but that's about it. So why does everyone care so much about Jelly if Stone won't actually say what the product is or does? Most because he's already recruited lots of really interesting people to work on the project.

Stone has just hired Loren Brichter to sit on the board. Who's Brichter? Just the guy that helped create the first iPhone. Brichter is a former Apple engineer, and one of the best in his business. So far, the team of Stone and Brichter are all that's really needed to generate a buzz. Will Jelly have something to do with Fluther? That's the rumor that's going around today. Jelly, it seems, will enhance what Fluther is capable of, but that's really all that's know right now. Here are some other speculations.

What Jelly Might Do

Stone has said that Jelly will be a free mobile-based and focused service. Stone has also stated that "...people are basically good – when provided a tool that helps them do good in the world." So, Jelly might be some kind of free mobile tool that helps people connect, do good, and better the world. Maybe a kind of charity or donation tool? Or, perhaps its a tool that will connect those with knowledge with those that need knowledge? It's an interesting puzzle to try and figure out.

So far, Stone has recruited top people to join the Jelly team, has stated that he was inspired by the jellyfish ("a more 'we' than 'me' fish"), and has gained investments from angels like Al Gore. What is Stone up to? I'm not certain, but Jelly is bound to be an interesting project to watch.

Seemingly, Stone will give up some more details about Jelly within the next few weeks. But, the actual project won't be release for "quite some time." Hopefully, we will get more clues as to the purpose of Jelly, though. If you like how this sounds, make sure to keep your eye on Biz Stone's Twitter account. Got ideas? Let me know what you think this new product might be about!

*Photo courtesy of Brita Heise via Flickr Creative Commons