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  • The JVC DLA X35 Projector: Under 4K and Great
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Projectors and projection screens are a great way to get your big screen out of the way. These screens roll up and out of sight, so that you can free up your living room space. The only issue is that projectors are on the pricey side.

Most of the time, projectors are so expensive that purchasing one for your home is largely unrealistic. While the JVC DLA X35 is still on the high side, the price of this projector is hundreds lower than its competitors.

The new JVC projector retails for just $3,499, comes with great picture quality, and has received rave reviews. If you are in the market for a new projector, JVC has one that’s less than most. You may even be able to find this projector online for a lot less. Here’s a complete breakdown of what JVC has been up to with its latest projector release.

Projector Details

The DLA X35 is big and sturdy in just the way that you want a projector to be. There are no adjustment buttons on the actual projector, since the included remote does all of the necessary work. The remote is backlit and comes with every command that you could want in a projector setup. This projector doesn’t come with 3D glasses, so keep this in mind if you are looking to watch 3D movies.

If you just want to watch regular movies, the new JVC projector option is an excellent one. Blacks are deep and colors are spectacular, though the DLA X35 does have a bit of trouble in a room with bright lights (so set up some blinds if you want to watch a movie on a sunny day). As far as connectivity goes, JVC has that all figured out too.

Connectivity Details

On the back of the projector, you will find two HDMI ports along with one component video port. A 12-volt trigger is also present, which is a great and important detail if you plan on setting up a retractable screen. You’ll also find an RS-232 port, wired remote port, and 3D setup options. Really, this project has everything that you need to set up a casual projector and projection screen.

This projector does need to be properly calibrated out of the box. Once that’s done (and it’s simple), the JVC projector really does stand out. The color and details coming from this project have been described as “extraordinary,” and you really can’t beat the price. Sure, $3k is expensive, but if you want to swap your television for a projector that’s clear and all-around great, the JVC option might be the way to go.

Sony also has a projector that rivals what JVC is offering. If you are going to compare this projector to any other on the market, make sure to look at the Sony VPL-HW50ES. That projector retails for a few hundred more, but it comes with 3D glasses and an extra light. The JVC model does not come with any extras (this is where costs were cut).