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  • Klipsch Introduces New Material Headphones
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On a recent flight, I noticed a number of passengers favoring enormous over-the-ear headphones in lieu of earbuds and other smaller options. As surprising as it was to see handfuls of people pull out headphones costing more than $200, it was the complete norm. So, when Klipsch announced a new pair of 'Ultra-durable' headphones at the recent IFA conference for $249.99, I wasn't the least bit shocked.

Is there something to this new $200+ headphone fad? Let's take a look at Klipsch's latest headphone option: the 'Status' headphones.

A Closer Look at the Status Headphones

First, let's take a gander at a material Klipsch is calling 'Grilamid.' From my own research, I have found that Grilamid is a type of nylon that's often used in designer sun glass frames. It is, apparently, very durable and what you'd want your headphones to be made out of because it's also extremely lightweight.

Grilamid aside, Klipsch has also made the Status headphones noise-cancelling monsters, and the company is gunning for a piece of the higher-end noise-cancelling market-share with the Status cans. I'm guessing that noise-cancelling features are why most people on my recent flight were carrying headphones worth hundreds of dollars, so the Klipsch Status headphones may very well be worth that price tag.

Style Notes

I really dig the look of the new Status headphones by Klipsch. They aren't flash like Beats By Dre, and they aren't candy-colored (at least not the ones that I've seen on the net this morning), but they do have a certain classic style about them. If you don't dig the uber-hipster look that most over-the-ear headphones come with, the Klipsch Status headphones are a great option, it seems.

Of course, these headphones were just unveiled at the recent IFA conference, and that means that they won't be available until later this month (September). Again, the price of these headphones will be in the $200+ range ($249.99 to be exact), so that's what you can expect to pay. When noise-cancelling headphones were first introduced, paying more than $200 seemed kind of high, but now that line of pricing seems to be the norm, so it's no longer as shocking as it once was. Do you need these, or who will need these?

Who Will Enjoy the Klipsch Status Headphones

If you want an over-the-ear option that's not too expensive and comes with a newer, lighter, more durable materials, the Klipsch Status headphones are something that you'll want to check out when they are brought to stores near you. If you want headphones that are more trendy, you may want to check out other options. BUT - there's one last key ingredient here: the sound.

It has not been possible to test out the sound quality of the Status headphones yet. So, we will have to wait and see if the Status headphones are worth that price when they arrive. So far, these headphones look great, but I'll keep you updated on sound quality when they officially arrive. What do you think of these new Klipsch headphones?