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If your kids are addicted to your smartphone or tablet, you might want to consider purchasing a device that they can call their own. LeapFrog has just come out with the LeapPad2 tablet. This tablet has been recommended for kids aged three to nine, and it’s a tablet that’s totally kid-friendly. Much like its predecessor, the new LeapFrog 2 comes with lots of app potential and a few additional features that your kids will really love.

Say Cheese!

Is there anything that today’s tech-savvy kids love more than snapping digital photos? If you’re kids are gaga over Instagram and can’t get enough camera love, they will enjoy the new front and rear-facing LeapPad2 camera. Specifics regarding this camera haven’t been released yet, but it can be assumed that any photos snapped can be stored on the new tablet. The 4GB of space should more than suffice for any kid who’s snap happy!

In addition to two excellent camera options, the new LeapPad2 also comes with an upgraded processor. I’m guessing that this processor is better than the other one. Sadly, LeapFrog hasn’t let media in on what that processor is right now, but an upgraded processor exists all the same. Why is the company being quiet about technical details? This much is unclear. What is clear is that the new tablet has been in the world for awhile, and it even includes apps!

Apps Galore!

LeapFrog has done something that Amazon and Apple excel at. The company has created its own apps available in the LeapFrog app store. This app store includes all kinds of different child-friendly app and e-books. While the LeapPad2 still doesn’t come with an Internet connection, content can be loaded from Mac OS X and Windows applications. If you’ve ever perused the LeapFrog content gallery, you know that this company is all about kids. Apps come in all shapes and sizes including games, books, and plenty of other fun stuff. Most apps are free, though some app have to be purchased online (a very good reason why this tablet isn’t Internet connected!).

Pricing and Availability

Love the idea of the new LeapPad2? You can now check out all the great details on the LeapFrog website. Also, the LeapPad2 can be purchased for $99.99, which is a decent price to pay to appease your kids for a while (and cheaper than a babysitter!). I assume that LeapFrog will be putting out additional information about the new kid tablet sometime soon. One additional detail that differentiates the current LeapPad from the newer version is that this updated device is rounder than the older one. This is a small change, but it’s definitely a design improvement that you and your kids will like.

If you want to keep your kids offline, but you don’t wan to shut them out of technology completely, consider purchasing the all-new LeapPad2. This is one tablet that was really made with just kids in mind, and that’s an excellent thing for parents all around the world.