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  • The New LinkedIn App
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You may have read the title of this article and thought: “what? There’s a new LinkedIn app?” Then, you may have headed to the App Store to search for the new LinkedIn addition. If this is what occurred, you probably noted that there is only one LinkedIn app, and you probably already have this app on your iPhone. So, what’s the deal with a headline that states “The New LinkedIn App?” Is the publishing date of this article wrong?

Not so much. The LinkedIn app that I’m talking about is new in most senses of the word, though it should really be called the “updated” LinkedIn app. Before you stop reading based on the notion that updates are usually boring, there’s a lot you should know about the LinkedIn app that now exists. Dare I say that this app is even fun?

Not Overly Social

LinkedIn is, technically, a social network. But it doesn’t have any of the excitement of Twitter or the semi-addictiveness of Facebook. Instead, LinkedIn is a social network that was designed for the business crowd. As such, the network maintains some decorum and you won’t find useless posts or videos crowding your LinkedIn fee (unless, of course, someone who’s part of your feed has automated Twitter posts to post on a LinkedIn account too).

Given the fact that LinkedIn isn’t the social scene of the year, this site has to work a bit harder than most. What better way to gain new users and keep old ones than to create an app? Well, LinkedIn went the app route. Sadly, the original LinkedIn app was boring, less than creative, and somewhat useless. This has all changed with the dawn of the new LinkedIn app.

New Features

First of all, the new LinkedIn app has a new interface. This interface is bold, simple to use, and clearly defined. Secondly, the new LinkedIn app has news streams, updates, a “buzz” section, and quick ways to view connections, invitations, and reconnect with people who may not be part of your LinkedIn group anymore. All of these things are accessible with the tap of your screen.

Neatly organized and user-friendly, the new LinkedIn app is right on the money. There’s also a great new feature called “In Person” that lets you connect with someone on your LinkedIn list using Bluetooth. If there’s a nearby LinkedIn app user, you can talk to that user through the In Person feature (kind of like a voice messenger service for LinkedIn users).

Lastly, the new app comes with theme color choice. You can turn your whole app blue, pink, green, or any other color – not a necessary feature, but it does make this app a lot more fun!

You Should Download This App

If you’ve already downloaded the original LinkedIn app, you’ll find that your app has recently been upgraded. If not, go ahead and download the new app, set up a LinkedIn account, and invite friends with the handy “invite” button included in the app (upper right-hand corner). Apps should be innovative and easy to use without being useless, and these are notions that LinkedIn has finally grasped.

LinkedIn will never be Facebook or Twitter, but it isn’t trying to be. What it is, instead, is a social network for people who are serious about business. Now, getting serious about business just got easier with the newly developed LinkedIn app.