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  • LinkedIn Gets A Whole New Look
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Now that Twitter and LinkedIn are no longer pals, LinkedIn has been looking a bit sparse lately. If you’ve visited the business-networking site, you might have noticed a lot of white space where Twitter posts used to be. Or, you might have noticed something else entirely. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may be looking at LinkedIn’s new interface when you log into your LinkedIn account. The new look that will be rolling out to users everywhere soon, will be the biggest LinkedIn change in years – almost the only change in years.

The powers behind LinkedIn have realized that they can no longer rely on that Twitter connection to fill in those blank spots. So, instead, they are focusing on something that should have been the focus of LinkedIn from the beginning: perfecting the site. In case you can’t see the new LinkedIn changes quite yet, here’s what you can expect when the new site is available to all.

Finally – Connect With People Who Have Viewed Your Profile

One of the most annoying things about LinkedIn is that “people who have viewed your profile” page. Sure, you can see who’s checked out your information, but you can’t actually connect with those people unless you are somehow connected. Well, LinkedIn is changing this whole concept by allowing users to select a “Message” or “Connect” button next to each person’s name who’s viewed your profile. If you hit the message button, you can send a message to that person if you are connected somehow. If you just want to connect, you can tap the connect button and attempt to connect with someone. Really, this change makes a whole lot of sense and it might just provide LinkedIn with the boost it needs. But, wait, there’s more!

Bigger News Stream Photos

Alright, you still can’t change the size of your profile picture or include any photos in your posts, but if you happen to link to a site with photos, those photos will appear larger than before. Sure, LinkedIn should consider other photo changes (like the ones mentioned here), but this is a start, right? The small photo change will make viewing what’s happening in your news stream a lot more pleasant.

Menu Bar Viewing

Another addition LinkedIn has made to the new interface is evident when looking at the menu bar. Prior to these changes, the menu bar was not easily accessible at all times when viewing all pages. Now, you can check your mail and complete other menu bar functions no matter what page you are on. The menu bar graphic is also darker, which makes the menu stand out more.

More Changes Coming

It’s clear that LinkedIn wants to make the site easier to use all around. Now, LinkedIn users will have a much simpler time navigating the site, but there might be more to come still. It certainly seems like LinkedIn is gearing up to make the site more customized. Users may find that viewing information that’s actually useful is one necessary and nice change in the future. For now, the current LinkedIn changes are definite improvements.