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  • The New MacBook Air
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Apple is known for continually upgrading its products, which is the main reason why Apple can always create a new product launch buzz. As of July 20, 2011, the latest product update went to one of Apple's newer products, the MacBook Air. The design of the new model hasn't seen many upgrades from the original MacBook Air. The technology, however, is still pretty revolutionary. This notebook is one of the lightest and thinnest computers on the market, and it doesn't sacrifice usability.

The notebook is less than an inch thin. Apple was able to accomplish this impressive design by reinventing the way computers are built. Instead of the standard spinning hard-drive, the MacBook Air uses only flash storage, which is much smaller and more durable, because it doesn't move within the computer. With all-flash storage, the MacBook Air is able to remain in standby mode for an incredible 30 days. The smaller flash storage also makes room for a bigger battery, which means it can be used longer with each charge.

The MacBook Air comes standard with the brand new OS X Lion, which was released the same day as the newest MacBook Air. iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Safari, Mac App Store, Mail, iCal, Address Book, Time Machine and FaceTime are all also included with the MacBook Air.


One of the most significant upgrades to the newest MacBook Air, is the inclusion of the Core i5 and i7 Intel processors. These processors are very fast, with speeds up to 1.8GHz and faster memory.

Performace tests show that the new MacBook Air runs the Cinebench 11.5 application 2.5 times faster, the iPhoto '11 app 2.3 times faster and the mathematica 8 app 2.2 times faster than the previous generation MacBook Air. It also includes the Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor, which means higher quality video playback and smoother FaceTime calls. The new MacBook Air also has a FaceTime camera built-in, that is smaller than the iPhone 4's iSight camera.


There are several new features included in the new MacBook Air. Despite its small size, this computer includes a full-size keyboard. Apple designed the notebook, so it is easy to use, while remaining light and portable. The keyboard is now backlit, so even in a dark camping tent, MacBook Air users can browse the web with ease, or finishing writing that novel.

Thunderbolt I/O

The new MacBook Air brags data transfer capabilities faster than ever before. With Thunderbolt I/O, users can transfer data up to 12 times faster than FireWire 800 and 20 times faster than USB 2.0. The Thunderbolt port can also be used to connect to the Apple Thunderbolt Display. The display allows users to transfer data between devices faster than ever before. Up to six devices can be attached to the single Thunderbolt port.

The Thunderbolt Display is a 27-inch LED-backlit screen, which can be attached to the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, transforming these already impressive notebooks, into fully functional desktop computers. The MagSafe power cord and Thunderbolt cable even charge the MacBook Air while its plugged in.