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  • MacBook Pro Gets a Facelift
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For months now, rumors about updated MacBook Pros have been flying. Apple finally made these rumors true by introducing a new line of MacBook Pros. If you’re still hanging onto your 2009 version, you may want to consider a quick upgrade. The adjustments that Apple has made to the popular MacBook Pro are significant enough to warrant trading up.

So, what has Apple done to the MacBook Pro to gain the new and improved uber-popular laptop all the best headline spots? Why, Apple has made the MacBook Pro faster, of course. When you open it up, the newest addition to the Apple family is speedy and ready for a close-up.


First and foremost, you’ll note that Apple has added Thunderbolt to the new MacBook Pros. Thunderbolt (developed by Intel) comes with transfer speeds that reach 10 Gbps. This is big news for die-hard MacBook Pro fans who have been seeking a faster version of the time tested laptop.

In addition to Thunderbolt, Apple has added a FaceTime HD camera that makes 720p video chatting a reality – that’s right, 720p video chatting. Adding Intel’s Sandy Bridge (15-inch and 17-inch models) to the mix isn’t too shabby either. When all of these new additions are meshed together, the result is a workhorse laptop that’s bound to be the hottest laptop on the market.


Apple laptops aren’t cheap. This is one of the reasons why many people skip the Apple brands altogether when shopping at the closest electronics superstore. But, you have to consider what Apple includes in each of its laptop offerings. If you’re after a laptop that was built to work without slowing down, crashing, or becoming ridiculously overheated, you’ll want to fork over the funds to purchase one of the best machines available.

Speaking of funds, the new MacBook Pros begin at $1199 (13-inch) and go all the way up to $2499 (17-inch). What differentiates the 13-inch MacBook Pro from the 17-inch version (aside from the size of the screen) is the processor.

If you plan on using your MacBook Pro around the clock, the 17-inch version that comes with a 2.2 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU (750 GB hard drive) is the way to go. If you want something that you’ll use regularly but won’t beat to a pulp, check out the 13-inch MacBook Pro that comes with a 320 GB hard drive, 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 CPU.


Now that you know what the new MacBook Pros are all about, you’ll want to run out and buy one as fast as possible, right? Well, you can sit back and order your new MacBook Pro from the comfort of your office chair by check out the Apple Store online. Or, you could head to your nearest Apple store. Another option is to check out that mega-electronics store in your neighborhood. These new MacBook Pros are bound to sell quickly, which means that many stores near you are bound to carry what you’re looking for.