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  • Microsoft's New Smart Watch
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Microsoft has a problem. PC sales are drastically slumping for the first time in years. Thus, the company that primarily makes PCs is looking at a very tough time ahead. What's a company like Microsoft to do? Start branching out. Microsoft already develops devices outside of the PC world, but these are largely unknown.

So the company is trying to attract more consumers by creating something that seems to be the next trend: a smart watch. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Microsoft is working on a smart watch of its own. While details are relatively scarce at the time being, there are few speculations thus far.

What Microsoft's Smart Watch Might Look Like

WSJ reports that Microsoft has been working on a touchscreen watch design for some time. This watch would have a small face that acts as a touchscreen, and would likely compete with the watches that LG, Samsung, and Apple are all work on. Some sources state that the Microsoft smartwatch would also have a 1.5-inch display, which would make it bigger than competitor watches. Is a bigger smart watch screen better?

Will the smart watch save Microsoft? It seems rather unlikely. It also seems unlikely that consumers will be as nuts about smart watches as companies seem to think. Most consumers are content with smartphones, and watches are really just an afterthought, or a mere toy. But, it's one place where Microsoft might be able to generate some kind of revenue.

No Stranger to Watches

A watch might seem like a stretch for Microsoft, but it's really not that bizarre for the company. Microsoft has developed watches before in the form of the Fossil watch amongst others. The last few times Microsoft developed a watch, watch sales didn't jump off the charts. Might consumers be tempted by a watch this time around?

It seems like Microsoft is playing the "follow the leader" game with the new watch. It is also possible that this watch may never see consumer shelves. Microsoft might scrap the project if it doesn't pan out the way the company wants it to. Often, companies work on prototypes like this one that don't actually turn into anything concrete.

Would You Buy a Microsoft Watch?

As the subheading asks: would you buy such a watch? Most people who read about smart watches respond with a big: "meh." Do people really want a smart watch? Does a phone-like watch really sound that appealing? For most people, the answer here is "no." There's nothing really mind-blowing about a smart watch, and it's not really something that most people will shell out a lot of cash for.

But, as stated, Microsoft has to start thinking about other avenues. As more and more people buy up tablets and skip regular PCs, companies like Microsoft may start to look a lot like dinosaurs if things like smart watches aren't created -- or if a company like Microsoft doesn't, at leas, catch up with the crowd. Developments will be posted here, so stay tuned.