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  • Microsoft’s New Tablet
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Microsoft unveiled its entry into the tablet world yesterday. The Microsoft Surface is the talk of tech town at the moment. This is the first foray into the tablet world for Microsoft, and, as such, all eyes are on the computer company. Although Microsoft didn’t actually allow anyone to play with the Surface too much during the exposition, there are a few things that can be mentioned about this tablet.

How Does It Compare to the iPad?

If you’re like most tablet users, you’ll want to know one thing: how does the new Microsoft Surface compare to the iPad? As far as size and weight go, the Surface is slightly heavier than the iPad at approximately one and a half pounds for the RT version and a bit heavier when it comes to the Pro version. The difference here is in the details, and Apple seems to be winning this competition with the iPad’s curved edges as compared to the Surface’s straight edges (picture a book or picture frame).

Screen wise, the Surface actually has a larger screen at 10.6 inches (the iPad measures 9.6 inches), but the Surface has a HD screen while the iPad has a Retina display. If you’re wondering about pixel details, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, Microsoft wasn’t at the ready with pixel information yesterday, though the company is expected to reveal these details within the next few months. The Surface is, of course, running Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT, respectively.

A Touch Cover

One of the things that you’ll notice right away about the Surface is the touch cover. This cover looks just like a regular tablet cover, but it is actually a keyboard in disguise. A full QWERTY keyboard has been built right into the protective cover, which is an original idea that is gaining a lot of attention. The advantage here is that you can have a full keyboard without actually purchasing a third-party option. It’s also possible to lay your hands on the cover or touch the cover without activating the keyboard (you have to press harder), and the cover can be folded over without any kind of problem. The touch cover alone might be one very good reason to consider a Surface purchase.

An Added Kickstand For Your Enjoyment

Kickstands are optional with most other tablets. As with a keyboard, you can purchase a Kickstand from a third-party provide or from a manufacturer. Microsoft has done away with the need to purchase anything additional by creating a built-in kickstand. During the Microsoft demonstration, however, many tech reviewers had a tough time finding the kickstand or getting it to work properly, but this is something that you’ll, no doubt, become familiar with over time should you choose to purchase a Surface.

Microsoft Includes It All

Seemingly, Microsoft’s goal in creating the Surface (other than to compete with the likes of the iPad) was to provide consumers with everything needed. A kickstand and a full keyboard are all part of the package already, so you don’t have to run out and purchase anything additional. As far as when the Surface will be ready for you to see, touch, and possibly buy, Microsoft plans on putting these tablets on store shelves this coming fall.