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  • Ultra, Maxx, and Mni: Motorla's New Phones
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It's always a tough call. Whether or not to cover new Android devices. There are already so many Android options on the market, that the arrival of another one seems somewhat unimportant.

But, Motorola's Android phones tend to have a large following, and the company has just released a few new phones that are worthy of note. So, without further delay: the Motorola Ultra, Mini, and Maxx.

The Motorola Ultra and Motorola Maxx

Both the Motorola Ultra and Maxx have 5-inch, 720p OLED displays. Neither one of these phones comes with RGB displays like some competitor phones. Motorola has decided to give both of these phones a 720p-type display that's comparable to what the Galaxy currently offers.

It's really tough to see the difference between the Ultra and the Maxx. Seemingly, the only real way to tell the two apart is that the Maxx is a bit bigger (by a millimeter), and this (according to Motorola) means that the Maxx has a longer battery life. Design-wise, it's really tough to differentiate between the two phones. Now, onto the Mini.

The Motorola Mini

The Mini is really unique and is (seemingly) the better choice between the three if you are going to choose a phone based on features. The Mini comes with a 4.3-inch LCD display, that's also 720p, decent battery life, and a mini design. What's really cool about the Mini, though, are the features that Motorola has included.

Motorola has addressed the issue of not having quick accessibility to a camera app with the Mini. This phone allows users to grab that camera app from a lockscreen, which will save lots of time when it comes to getting that perfect shot. It's also possible to shake your hands in order to turn the phone on, and a swipe upwards will send any photos to Motorola's cloud with a feature called the Droid Zap.

This is fun if you want to store your newly taken photos in a secure cloud. Another neat feature is called Motorola Connect, which lets users synch texts and calls to a browser. As far as release date details go, Motorola hasn't provided any specifics. However, the new phones are expected to arrive within the next few months (possibly sooner).

Worth A Buy?

It's tough to tell from the specs that Motorola has released, but the new phones from the company seem to be unique enough to warrant a try or two. Again, it's hard to see a real difference between the Ultra and the Maxx, but these differences may be revealed once the phones actually hit the market.

All three of these new phones run stock Android software (nothing really new here), and some Motorola fans might be less than happy about the 720p factor, but that's a matter of personal preference.

The design of all three phones seems to be standard and lacking, though, again, the design appeal is up to individual standards. When Motorola does release these three phones, I'll keep you updated with any new developments regarding price and release areas.