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  • The New Motorola Photon 4G
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The Motorola Photon 4G is one of the latest in a long line of examples of smart phone innovation. This phone is being grouped in with the newest generation of mobile phones, deemed super phones. With every new generation of mobile phones something is improved, whether it be the underlying technology, the design and/or new functions added. The Photon 4G has a unique design, which is light-weight, so you don't feel like you're carrying around a brick in your pocket, while maintaining a large display screen for easy viewing.

The phone includes an 8 megapixel camera, and graphics powerful enough to play 3D games. The phone includes one of the most powerful dual core processors on the market. It contains a Nvidia Tegra 2 1-GHz chip, which was first released in the Motorola Atrix in early 2011. The Photon 4G is one of the fasts phones around, with a gig of RAM, allowing users to launch applications quickly and navigate menu screens easily. It is set to be released July 31, 2011.


The Motorola Photon 4G has a sleek, almost elegant look to it. It is a bit larger than some other mobile phones in its class, measuring 2.63 by 4.99 by .48 inches. Despite the larger size, the phone is deceptively light in weight, at approximately 5.57 ounces. It is encompassed in a smoky chrome, light-weight plastic casing, with a slightly matted rubber backing, so its easy to grip. The phone is neither square nor round, but rather has a unique, cutting-the-corners shape.

The HD display screen is made of 4.3 inches of sturdy gorilla glass. Beneath the display screen, are four menu buttons, while the headphone jack and power bottom are at the top of the phone. On the left side of the Photon 4G, is a microUSB port, as well as an HDMI port, which can be used to attach the phone to a TV monitor to display the cell phone screen on a larger platform. The volume controls and camera buttons are large and textured, for ease of use.

Travel-Friendly Features

The versatile design of the Photon 4G means that this phone will work well for almost any purpose. It seems that some of the features, however, are aimed to entice world travelers to invest $199 in this super phone. People who do any significant amount of traveling, whether for business or pleasure, can attest to the headache that can result from trying to use a mobile phone in a foreign country. Customers who purchase this phone with a Sprint contract will be able to take advantage of business-friendly global roaming features, and Exchange ActiveSync support.

The Photon 4G adopted a metal kickstand in the back from HTC's Thunderbolt design. The kickstand can be used to easily view the screen, while giving one's arms a break from holding the phone. The kickstand is perfect for long flights or train rides, as it takes up minimal space, while still providing a source of entertainment. The kickstand is also great for setting up epic camera shots, providing a miniature tripod-like stand, so you don't have to rely on your steady hands to capture the image.