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  • Mozilla's New Browser
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Mozilla is in the process of launching a new browser - but the company doesn't like to refer to the upcoming release as a 'browser' citing that the term is "antiquated." What it really is, said a Mozilla spokesperson, is a way for people to access web apps and social networks.

Something that's like a browser, but much more sophisticated, it seems. Mozilla's new browser (I'm going to call it that for the sake of simplicity) gets rid of a lot of things, and adds a lot more details.

The Look of Australis

Mozilla's new browser (Australis) is cleaner and simpler to use. The company has spent a good amount of time studying the way that browsers are used. To this end, Mozilla has created a browser that's more modern, and will allow users to find what they are looking for simply.

One example of this new simplicity is the current tab system. Right now, when you open up numerous tabs using Firefox, those tabs will simply shrink as you open more and more of them. The new Firefox includes the ability to open multiple tabs, but there's a tab limit. Instead of shrinking fifty tabs (for example), the shrunken tabs will be moved to a scrolling tab bar. This bar can then be accessed once the set number of tabs has been released.

Taking Lots of Notes

The Mozilla team has been observing the way that the current Firefox is used. Even the current edition of Firefox includes some things that the new version will have as well. For example, the present version of Firefox does not come with a forward button when there's nothing to move forward to. These simple changes will create a new browser that's easier to use and to look at.

When will it all arrive? Mozilla has told press that the new Firefox is not ready for the mainstream quite yet. The browser still needs to be perfectly developed, and Mozilla wants to make sure that it's working exceptionally well before it's release to the general public. Mozilla is aiming for an October release date.

More Details

When looking at the newest test version of Firefox, it's also clear that the Mozilla team has spent a good amount of time on overall design. The latest browser includes tabs that are much more rounded than previous designs, and an entire interface that's simply more stylish - some might even say that it looks a lot like Chrome.

Another area of the new browser worth mentioning is the customization options. You can customize the new browser to appear any way that you want it to look, and this will make a lot of difference when it comes to using your new browser.

Simplicity, ease, and customization are what Mozilla is working on. Could the next Firefox be the one to end all the other poorly designed browsers out there? You'll have to wait until October to see what Mozilla has been up to, but I'm betting that it's going to be great.