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  • New: Mozilla's First Phones Have Arrived
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Android phones have taken much of the world by storm, but many users are finding that some Android phones are less than user-friendly. In fact, a lot of Android phones aren't user-friendly. That leaves a large market gap available for a company that can create a user-friendly Android-type phone. A company like Mozilla.

Mozilla has just announced the first Firefox phones to hit the market. These phones are based on Mozilla's own operating system (Firefox OS), and will be first available in Spain. Mozilla's phones will spread to the rest of the planet throughout the next year or so.

The Mozilla ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire

As the subheading suggests, the two new phones are called the Mozilla ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire, respectively. The two phones are nearly identical inside and include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor; Bluetooth; GPS; Wi-Fi; 256 of RAM; and measure 3.5-inches.

The phones will be available through Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom in Spain today starting at 69 Euros, which is roughly $90 USD. Mozilla hopes to capture that Android crowd that is currently seeking user-friendly phones. Later this year, the phones will launch in Norway with Telenor. Mozilla has stated that the phones will launch in each country alongside carrier announcements, so watch for those.

Design and Other Details

As you might expect from Mozilla, these phones are the company's telltale orange color (a nice break from the black and white monotony). Each phone has a slightly curved back and appears relatively simple at first glance. These phones are meant to provide users with a simple smartphone experience that isn't as complex as many Android alternatives.

The two phones are really similar, with the main difference being that the One Touch Fire comes with a Qualcomm processor. Aside from this difference, it's hard to differentiate between the two Mozilla options. Is there room for Mozilla in the smartphone world? Some critics are skeptical.

Does the smartphone world really need another OS? Is Mozilla reaching with these phones? Or, will the general public scoop them up knowing that Mozilla is behind each option? It really depends on what market you're looking at, it seems.

Mozilla Has Its Cult Following

In some parts of the world, Spain in particularly, Mozilla is still king. Consumers in these countries will likely flock to the new phones simply because they are built by Mozilla. Even though Mozilla has lost some of its steam in North America, many consumers in other countries can't wait to get their hands on what Mozilla has to offer.

Now that the two Mozilla phones are finally here, it will be interesting to see if these phones take off. Or, as some are predicting, if these phones won't go anywhere at all. If you live in North America and want a Mozilla phone, you may have to wait a few months (or longer). Mozilla has not yet stated whether or not the phones will make it to North American shores. Would you buy a Mozilla phone?