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  • The Netrobe App: For Your Closet
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Ladies, here’s an app for you: the Netrobe iPhone app aims to help you organize your closet, pack for trips, and find something to wear all from the comfort of your iPhone. If you’re like most women, you’ve probably spent more than your fair share of time looking for the perfect outfit.

In addition, you may not know what you have inside of your closet. After all, closets can be a lot like endless pits. The Netrobe app was designed with these specific things in mind, and though women are more likely to get more use out of this app than men, some men may find Netrobe useful as well. Sure, there are other iPhone apps that are based upon the same basic notions as the Netrobe app, but this particular app has a few features that other apps don’t. One of those features is the ability to pack a virtual suitcase.

Netrobe Features

With the Netrobe app you can add items that you currently have in your closet to the app database. You can also design or create outfits using clothing that can be purchased from Shopstyle or Empora (some of these items are already included with the app). These basic features allow you to mix, match, and choose an outfit for an occasion. But, not only does Netrobe allow you to add the items in your closet to the app and shop for new items to add, it also makes it possible to pack for a trip with ease.

Instead of rummaging through your closet looking for the right sundress or making sure that you have enough pair of flip-flops, Netrobe lets you put each items inside of a virtual suitcase before you even pull your suitcase out of your front closet. This feature makes it easier to pack your real suitcase when you’re ready. All you have to do is tick off the items in your virtual suitcase, and your real suitcase will be packed in no time -- easy, efficient, and quite innovative.

App Development

The Netrobe app was developed by Christina Plakopita of Athens, Greece. Not a lot of positive news has come out of Greece recently, but that doesn’t mean that inspired app developers are not creating apps that will turn heads. Netrobe is already getting a lot of press coverage, and it is sure to be an app that many people will purchase for the reasonable price of $1.99. Using this app is simple, and the entire design of the app makes a lot of sense – even to those who are not used to virtual closet apps.

While the Netrobe app is not a free app, it is an app worth looking into. If you have a closet full of clothes and you want a way to organize those clothes, the Netrobe app is worth a look. As with any other app, I suggest that you read all those consumer reviews listed in the Apple App Store before you download the app, though I will state that the Netrobe app is one of the best apps of its type available.

As mentioned, you can purchase this app through the Apple App Store at the time of this writing. The app should be available for Android users within the near future, though no specific Android launch date has been noted yet.