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  • Nintendo Offers New 3DS
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If you’ve been following tech news for the past couple of years, you know that gaming consoles are not selling as well as they once did. In addition, handheld gaming consoles are largely being phased out. Some blame this lack of consumer interest on smartphones that offer better games than what gaming companies are putting out. Others believe that those consumers who once splurged on consoles and games are now much older and seeking mobile games.

In an effort, it seems, to try and turn sales around, Nintendo has created an all new 3DS system. The handheld gaming system doesn’t come with anything particularly new, though it does come with a brand new color: Midnight Purple. Will a new color be enough to entice consumers once again to buy a 3DS? Or, is Nintendo simply grasping at (colorful) straws?

All About Colors

Nintendo has always been fairly good at figuring out what consumers want. But do consumers want handhelds in a rainbow of colors? If you took at look at the 3DS systems Nintendo is currently offered, you might conclude that the world does, in fact, want lots of color options. Granted, colors are somewhat important or the many smartphone manufacturers out there wouldn’t bother with the term “candy coated.” So, what colors is Nintendo now offering to all those who want to purchase a new 3DS?

So far, you can buy a new 3DS that’s decked out in Midnight Purple, Flame Red, Pearl Pink, Aqua Blue, and Cosmo Black. All of these 3DS systems are priced at $169.99, which seems to be a decent price point for Nintendo. As Nintendo fans learn of the new color option, various consumers are asking the question: what about a new 3DS? Seemingly, consumers want more than just a newly painted 3DS. The news on the street is that Nintendo should be coming up with an all new 3DS system sometime very soon. How soon? Many speculate that Nintendo will want for the 2 year anniversary of the 3DS to release a new system. Then again, if Nintendo sales keep sliding, there might not be a new system to speak of.

Comparing Nintendo to Apples

A lot of news stories these days compare what Nintendo is offering consumers to what Apple has via the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. For some reason, the numbers have shown that consumers who once purchased gaming systems are now looking to Apple to fill the need for fun and fast games. Why not a handheld instead? Devices like the 3DS (and others) are simply not advanced enough for the average consumer. Sure, these devices allow people to play games, but they aren’t phones and don’t come with a number of apps. There’s also the lack of actual games issue, which Nintendo is supposed to be working on right now.

From where this writer stands, Nintendo should work on putting out a new system, developing more games, and getting games to purchase handhelds once more. I’m not sure that a new color will save the 3DS or Nintendo – what’s your take?