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  • Nokia's Two (Not Smart) Phones
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It seems odd in a world filled with smartphones that a company like Nokia would debut some regular feature phones. But, Nokia, it seems, is going back to the simple phone life. The company rolled out two 3G phones this week. These phones are basic, ready to work, and affordable. While they're not smartphones, they are the type of phone that so many people are seeking these days.

Nokia's New 3G Phones

Nokia has even given the new phones new and simple names: the Nokia 207 and 208. With these numbered phones comes Nokia's minimalist candybar design, Internet sharing options, and three basic apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter). What these phones don't come with is anything really fancy like a touchscreen keyboard. Picking up where BlackBerry left off, maybe, Nokia's new phones have basic QWERTY keyboards and features.

So, what's the difference between the two phones? The 208 comes with a camera and either dual-SIM or single-SIM options. The 207 doesn't come with a camera at all, so do keep this in mind when shopping. In North America, smartphones still rule the markets, but this isn't the case elsewhere.

The Feature Phone Market

Studies have shown that consumers in countries like Turkey, Russia, and India prefer feature phones (basic phones) to smartphones. This is probably due to the fact that a basic phone isn't nearly as expensive as a smartphone, and a smartphone is considered a real lavish luxury in those parts of the world. There's some sense to it too. Why pay hundreds for a phone when you can simply pay a small fee and still stay connected?

It's possible that North Americans may move back to feature phones too. While unlikely in the near future, many North Americans are becoming tired and burnt out where technology is concerned, and a lot of that relates to devices like smartphones and tablets. As for Nokia, the company will cash in on markets that prefer feature phones for now.

Pricing and Availability

Nokia's new phones are priced to move at just $68. These phones also come in an array of eye-popping colors that most people will love. Where can you get one? Check out the Nokia website or head to the nearest Nokia kiosk. Nokia has always made feature phones that work, look great, and are simple. These two new phones follow in that Nokia feature phone path, and that's really a good thing.

Even though Nokia's new phones may not sell like mad in North America, there's plenty of other consumers in various other markets waiting to scoop these up. Plus, people are getting tired of touchscreen keyboards, so that's something to consider as well.

If these phones come to your part of the world, will you buy one? Is there room for Nokia's new phones in a smartphone market? What about the design of these phones? Is it great or too dated? Nokia would like to know what you think, so do sound off below. Or, simply scoop one up for yourself when they arrive in your part of the world.