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  • Here Comes the Nokia Sun...Maybe
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Nokia has alerted all the tech giants that the company will be releasing a slew of Windows phones in the next few weeks. Thus far, the Nokia phones on the horizon include the SeaRay and Sabre. Now there’s talk of a third phone that might be called the Nokia Sun. There’s so much talk of this phone that news of the unseen phone has hit tech blogs across the world.

Amidst so much talk of Apple and Android, it’s difficult to remember that Windows is in the phone game too. Albeit, Windows phones weren’t much to talk about until Mango was recently retouched, but Windows phones are still quite popular throughout the globe. Now that the fate of Apple is uncertain and RIM hangs in the balance, Windows may just have a chance at taking over their fair share of the cell phone market.

What the Sun May Offer

From what the Net can gather, the Nokia sun will have a micro-SIM slot, an eight-megapixel camera, polycarbonate shell, and an AMOLED screen. The rest of this phone’s specs are up in the air as people try to snap shots of the phone that may not exist. Then again, the Sun may exist after all, and lots of consumers would be signing up for this phone.

Nokia has created some interesting phones in the past, and those who have purchase a Nokia device tend to remember how great those phones were. So, it should come as no real big surprise that many consumers are awaiting the news of the new Nokia releases. Will the Sun be part of that lineup? You’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out.

If the Sun is part of that lineup will it include something ground-breaking? Probably not; but that doesn’t mean that the Sun won’t shine all the same.

All Eyes on Nokia

Now that the iPhone 5 didn’t debut and the iPhone 4S has some people talking (namely, Siri), consumers are waiting for the next big phone announcement. Granted, any phone that Nokia releases isn’t likely to pair up with what Apple’s got to offer, but some consumers are waiting to pounce on the next best phone. Namely, those consumers who were waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive but got the iPhone 4S instead – not that the 4S is inferior to iPhone 5 rumors, it isn’t.

As with most manufacturers out there, Nokia is set to debut its new phone lineup just in time for the holiday season. Seemingly, the new Nokia phones will be available right about the time that you put that Thanksgiving turkey on the table. The holidays are, after all, the biggest shopping season of the year, and Nokia doesn’t want to miss out on this primetime.

The Windows Crowd

Sure, it’s currently an Apple world, but there are some strong Windows fans out there. This anxious bunch is happy with the way that Windows phones are going. In other words, Windows does have a shot at taking over some of the phone market.