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Nvidia graphics cards are highly prized. Some might even say that this company makes the best graphics cards available. But, there’s a price that comes with a great graphics card. Literally. Most higher end Nvidia graphics cards are priced on the expensive side. This pricing doesn’t do any favors for Nvidia, since the average gamer isn’t likely to purchase a high-priced graphics card. Times are tough for everyone, though, and Nvidia is no exception to this rule.

Just this week, Nvidia announced two great graphics cards that are actually affordable. There’s no doubt that the company wants you to buy one of these graphics cards, but are the GeForce GTX 650 and GeForce GTX 660 worth the splurge? A grahics card can really boost your system’s performance, even if you don’t spend your days gaming. All the same, the card you choose has to be worth it! If you are in the market for a graphics card – and even if you thought you weren’t – here’s what you will find when it comes to Nvidia’s new affordable line.

Inside the GTX GeForce 650

With the GeForce 650 comes 1GB of video RAM in addition to 1GHz frequency. You’ll also find a very nice price has been applied to the 650: $109. A graphics card that’s priced under $200 is really worth a look. Comparably, the GeForce 660 performs just a bit better.

Inside the GTX GeForce 660

Nvidia’s 660 option comes with a frequency of 980 MHz. In addition, this card is packed with 2GB of video RAM. This Nvidia card retails for $229. So, how do you choose which card to get? More importantly, how do these cards stack up to competitor AMD Radeon’s comparably priced cards?

Comparing Cards

Reviewers who have compared both the Nvidia GeForce 660 and AMD’s Radeon HD 7870 have found that Nvidia’s card performs well sometimes and not so well at other times. This might not be too helpful, but consider this: when using a Nvidia GeForce 660, graphics were enhanced while playing certain video games. AMD’s card performed better than Nvidia’s card when testing out other games. In short, AMD’s card outperformed Nvidia’s card at times. Other times, Nvidia’s card shone much brighter.

How can you decide between what AMD has to offer as compared to what Nvidia now has to offer? Well, the answer may be based entirely on price. AMD’s Radeon HD 7870 is priced at $299. If you choose the Nvidia GeForce 660 over the Radeon 7870, you will save approximately (excluding taxes and shipping) $70. AMD’s lower priced cards don’t win out in this situation. Since the graphics are really what matter, though, I recommend reading GeForce 660 test reviews.

The onest that have surfaced so far, though, do not shed any light on whether Nvidia’s latest cards or AMD’s tried and true cards are better overall. If you do decide to go the Nvidia route, Nvidia’s newest cards are currently on the market now and ready to be purchased.