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  • Nvidia's New Tablet (?)
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Is Nvidia working on its own tablet? Well, to be fair, Nvidia helped Google and Asus with their Nexus 7 tablet, but that's kind of a secret. This time, though, Nvidia may be branching out on its own to bring the world something called the Nvidia Tegra Tab.

Reports from Chinese tech sites show something that looks like a new tablet on the horizon. This tablet has all the markings of a Nvidia tab, and even includes the same basic design that we've seen on the Asus tab.

To further solidify those rumors, Nvidia has filed a trademark for the name 'Tegra Tab' in the United States. What does all of this mean? A new Nvidia tablet might be on the horizon - only, will it actually make a dent in the market?

Some Disappointing Numbers

When first released, the Tegra 4 promised great things. However, this tablet fell very short of its promises, and consumers let out a big "meh" at the sight of it. At that point, Nvidia promised that the company would soon be releasing cheaper tablet options, and that might be where the newest Nvidia tablet comes into play.

The big question isn't whether or not a Nvidia Tegra Tab is in the works, but more whether or not it will make it to North America. The Tegra Tab could just be a tablet for the Chinese market. It will be interesting to see whether or not Nvidia can bring down the prices of a new tablet, and how the company's 'Kai' program fits into the whole picture.

The Nvidia Kai Program

Kai is, essentially, a platform built by Nvidia for developing quad-core Android 4.0 tablets. The price? Around $199. Kai tablets are meant to use DDR3L memory, and, originally, the company wanted these new tablets to compete directly with the Kindle Fire. Only, Nvidia openly stated that the Kai tablets would be more powerful than the Kindle Fire, but would also be priced lower.

So, it might make some sense that Nvidia is working on a more powerful tablet that does, indeed, directly compete with the Kindle Fire. Since earlier tablets developed in conjunction with Nvidia did not impact the tablet market as originally suspected, the new tablets may just fill that gap. So far, though, nobody has actually seen these tablets, though early suspected photos include a spot for a Stylus.

Nvidia Weighs In

When contacted by press, Nvidia did not have anything to say about the leaked photographs of a potentially new tablet. When a company remains silent about a possible leaked photo or two, it tends to be for two reasons. The first is that the images are correct, and the second is to keep the public guessing.

Were the rumors to be completely untrue, Nvidia would have stated that there was no truth to the news. This did not happen. When can you expect a new Nvidia tab to hit the market in the US? It's really hard to speculate, but I wouldn't be shocked if this tablet came out sometime this winter.