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Today, the new Opera Mini browser was released on the BlackBerry and S60 platform. This new browser has been gaining a lot of hype over the past few months, and now that the update is finally here BlackBerry and S60 users are bound to find the new updates and complete browser experience helpful, fast, and fully integrated. In case you aren’t familiar with the Opera Mini hype, here’s what you can expect if your phone is begging for an upgrade (or if you want to switch to a phone that is Opera Mini compatible).

What’s All the Mini Hype About?

These days, browsers are all about social integration. The more integration a phone has the more people will want to use that phone. This is why Apple has recently decided to team up with Facebook in order to put out a Facebook integrated iOS 6 and it’s exactly why the new Opera Mini is gaining a ton of attention. The new Opera Mini will not only be highly integrated with Facebook but also with Twitter. This means that S60 and BlackBerry users will have faster and better access to both of these networks from the start.

Opera Mini also includes something called a “Smart Page,” which really reminds me of the Safari start page. Smart Page will open up every time a S60 or BlackBerry user hits that browser app. This page will be filled with all of the latest news and sites that a user likes to access and wants to see. Of course, this Smart Page will also include instant social media links and heavy Twitter and Facebook social integration. The idea behind the Smart Page is to make loading any frequently visited website faster, which, in turn, will make using the browser easier.

Auto Updates Also Added

In the past, Opera was slightly lacking within an auto update feature. Now, the new Opera Mini will automatically update the browser when an update has become available. This means that users will no longer have to mess around with manual updates, since the system will update automatically – just another way that Opera Mini is making using certain phones a lot simpler.

Choosing a New Mobile Phone

If you’re trying to decide between an BlackBerry, S60, and, say, iPhone, you might want to play around with the new Opera Mini. This new browser certainly looks interesting and does have a number of helpful features. The only word of caution here is that Apple is also working on a new OS and iOS 6 might prove to be interesting as well. However, it should be pointed out that the new Opera includes full Twitter and Facebook integration, but the new iOS 6 might only include Facebook integration – an important difference to some social users. The new Opera Mini is already available for BlackBerry and S60 phones, and you can check out this new addition to the Opera family right now if you own either one of these phones. The mobile browser competition is heating up and it looks like Opera Mini is leading the pack for now.