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There are all kinds of apps out there that make it easier to find a restaurant, rate food, and do a bunch of other food-related stuff. But, the main problem with these apps is that they don’t allow you to actually pay for food. The mobile payment systems that do make it possible to pay for food via phone or tablet don’t allow you to pay for food before you actually eat it – now, there’s a novel idea! This is exactly where the PayDragon (iOS and Android) app comes into play.

PayDragon lets users choose certain menu items from participating restaurants and then pay for those items by making a few simple selections. Before a user even orders, the food that they want to eat will have been purchased and ready to roll. If you live in any of the participating areas (check below), here’s what you can expect from the PayDragon app.

Using the PayDragon App for iOS

First, I’m going to warn Canadians that the PayDragon app isn’t available in Canada yet (sad, I know, but it’s the truth). Second, I want to point out just how simple this app is to use. PayDragon currently only lists certain restaurants (mostly food carts) in select cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas) at the moment. I’m sure that more cities will be added as the startup gains funding and clients along the way. To use the app, you simply have to select the food card or restaurant you want to eat at, glance at the available menu items, select the item you want, and then hit the pay button. Within minutes, your food will have been paid for and all you have to do is wait for that food item to arrive.

No more waiting in lines or waiting to pay with PayDragon! The app is linked to your favorite credit card, so you can really just go on your way after chowing down. Not only is PayDragon convenient, this app also cuts way back on the amount of money changing hands between clients and chefs, which is, needless to say, a way more sanitary way of doing business. I’m sure sanitation wasn’t PayDragon’s point, but it’s a great selling point anyway.

PayDragon Is the Future

Mobile payment systems have popped up a lot lately, but most of these apps tend to get it all wrong and are rather clumsy. PayDragon isn’t built like the rest and this app has the one thing that all good apps should have: purpose. When you use PayDragon, you know what the intended purpose of the app is and it performs its task very well. This app also has an interface that’s actually nice to look at and easy to navigate – two thumbs up for the developers behind the PayDragon app.

The only drawbacks that this reviewer can see are that the app isn’t available in Canada and that PayDragon only works in select cities at the moment. It will be interesting to see whether or not PayDragon picks up around the rest of the U.S. and in Canada within the next few months – there’s certainly a big need for an app that acts just like this one.