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  • Peavey’s New Auto-Tuning Guitar
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Peavey has long been known for creating great musical instruments. From amps to guitars, the Peavey name is a trusted name. So, it should come as no surprise that Peavey is constantly innovating. Just like technology companies that want to stay ahead of the pack, the minds that create at Peavey want to keep consumers interested. The latest guitar to join the Peavey lineup is the new Peavey Auto-Tuning guitar. If you play the guitar, you know that auto-tuning guitars aren’t new. However, Peavey has put a unique spin on the Peavey AT-200.

By joining forces with Antares (a giant in the electronics field), Peavey has created an auto-tuning guitar that will adjust the pitch of every string at all times – regardless of finger position. The result is a guitar that’s always in tune no matter what song you’re playing. This guitar is perfect for professional musicians who don’t want to fuss with tuning and for those who are just getting into the guitar world. As any musicians knows, tuning a guitar can be a time consuming and somewhat tough battle.

Design and Look

Since the design of an electric guitar is important, let’s talk about the way that the Peavey AT-200 looks. Peavey has made sure that this guitar doesn’t look strange even though it has an Antares Solid-Tune module. Of course, this module is optional, though it makes sense to upgrade if you want an auto-tuning guitar. Otherwise, the Peavey AT-200 has all the right lines and contours of an enviable electric guitar.

As far as availability goes, Peavey hasn’t yet set a price for this guitar. However, the company has stated in a press release that the guitar will be available in July of 2012. So, if you’re looking for a new electric guitar, the AT-200 might be what you’re looking for – unless, of course, you don’t approve of guitars that auto-tune.

Some Slack

Although there are many reasons why auto-tuning guitars are enviable, Peavey is getting some slack for creating this guitar. Some musicians argue that an auto-tuning guitar will allow the truly tone deaf to play the guitar nicely. Further, some believe that the next step in guitar creation will likely be a guitar that plays by itself – no serious musician required. While these accusations might be far-fetched (and let’s remember that other guitar manufacturers, like Gibson, have offered auto-tuning guitars for awhile now), these are complains that Peavey would do well to consider.

Still, this reviewer thinks that Peavey has created something great here with the AT-200. If you don’t have any problems with an auto-tuning guitar, you might want to keep your eyes on the Peavey website for the official launch date of the AT-200. Otherwise, you can check out some of the auto-tuning guitars that Gibson has to offer currently. While auto-tuning guitars may or may not allow amateur guitar players to play like pros (and, really, doesn’t this matter?), the fact of the matter is that Peavey is staying at the top of the music game.