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  • New Pinterest Newsletter Available
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Pinterest is a lot of fun to use and can be a very useful marketing tool. The main problem with Pinterest is that this social pinning site is just too big. Right now, Pinterest has more users than various other social networks and more users means lots and lots of pins that you may be missing out on. Pinterest doesn’t want users to miss out on pins that they might find interesting, which is why the company has devised all new newsletters that will be mailed to Pinterest users. These newsletters contain lots of helpful information for both brands and individuals.

Inside the New Pinterest Newsletter

The first thing to note is that the new Pinterest newsletters will be curtailed to suit your current Pinterest account. This means that your newsletter will feature pins and news that you will find interesting. If a friend of yours has a pin that you shouldn’t miss out on, for example, this pin will be included in the newsletter. In addition to personalized Pinterest content, the new Pinterest newsletter will also include some interesting brand pins, popular pins of the week as Pinterest sees it, and a very helpful tool for brands and marketers: which one of your pins gained the most views.

All of these things will be packed inside of a free newsletter, which, in this reviewer’s mind, isn’t too shabby at all. The new Pinterest newsletters will be rolling out this week and all Pinterest users will be receiving a copy of their personalized newsletter via email. Pinterest is really making every effort to keep the site as popular as it currently is for months and years to come. If you don’t currently use Pinterest, it’s worth giving the app a shot just to see what you’re missing out on.

What Is Pinterest, Anyway?

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Pinterest (or in case you haven’t really gotten into the site quite yet), Pinterest is a social pinning site where users virtually pin interesting photos and other bits of information to a Pinterest account. From there, users can follow one another and see what’s happening within the Pinterest world. Most of the time, photos and other details are accompanied by links that users can click on to view complete details.

As one might imagine, Pinterest has become a very popular way for brands of all sizes to showcase goods and connect with the outside world. As such, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social sites around. If you have a company or just want to experiment with the app, Pinterest is completely free to use. Now, with the new Pinterest newsletter, all users on a weekly basis will see new pins and those pins that Pinterest deems extremely interesting. I’m guessing that this newsletter will also showcase brands that have paid for a spot, but that’s simply a speculation at the time of this writing (though it would give Pinterest a viable way to earn revenue and open up the site for an IPO in the future). What do you think about the new Pinterest newsletter?