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  • All New: Pinterest Scams (You’ll Want to Read This)
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Are you addicted to Pinterest yet? If you’re like most of the planet, you can help but look at all the pretty pictures on Pinterest and you’ve probably posted a few of your own. Now that people and companies know how to use Pinterest in all kinds of new ways, there are lots of things to click on in the Pinterest world that look like a lot of fun. However, as with any social media service, it’s never a good idea to click on something that looks like spam or that you’re not sure of.

Mashable recently reported that there’s been a rise in crime related to Pinterest (the spam type of crime anyway). Seemingly, spammers around the globe have been pinning lots of enticing photos (“click here for a free coupon!”) on the site. When users click on these links, they are then brought to a page that asks them to fill out a questionnaire. Of course, this questionnaire contains personal questions that those eager to gain something for free will gladly answer. The problem here is that giving away your personal information to a false company (or any kind of company for that matter) is a very bad idea.

Same Scam Different Site

I’m actually a bit shocked that people are falling for the latest social media scam. Have people not learned enough from clicking on false links through Facebook or Twitter? Apparently, those photos posted on Pinterest are just too appealing not to click on. In any case, if you happen to see a photo that asks you to click on it for the sake of getting something for free, here’s a quick and easy lesson: nothing ever comes for free. Sure, a local store or a big name store might offer you a coupon or something else, but that discount or coupon will come directly from that store – not from another site or person.

If you want to avoid becoming Pinterest scam prey, think twice before clicking and think three times before giving away any information. Really, you shouldn’t ever divulge passwords, names, or other personal details on any social media website – Pinterest included. I know, Pinterest looks harmless enough (and it does have pretty pictures, I get it), but all the same lessons that apply to any other social media site (or any site in general) apply to Pinterest.

How Pinterest Is Addressing this Issue

Some who have fallen prey to a Pinterest scam or two are now asking: “why isn’t Pinterest protecting us?!” Well, Pinterest is aware of the problem and those who run the site know what is happening. In response, the Pinterest team is working around the clock to prevent these kinds of scams from happening, but these things take time. Also, it’s not entirely fair to blame Pinterest for any scam that you were caught up in, though you can expect the site to be shedding some spammers soon enough.

In the meantime, pay attention to those special offers that appear on the Pinterest page and be aware that more than half of them are false – unless, of course, an offer has been made by a store or a company directly, in which case you will never have to give up private details like your password or your credit card number! Oh, one more thing – don’t repin any photo that asks you to share the photo before gaining a prize of some sort, this is how spam spreads!