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  • Pinterest for Brands Just Got Better
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There's something great about Pinterest. It's fun to look through pins, pin a few things, share a few pins, and see what other people that share your interests are into. For brands, Pinterest can also be a goldmine - especially with the newest changes that Pinterest has made.

Now, brands can add details about product directly to a pin. This makes it simpler for viewers to see recipe ingredients, find the price of an item, or view any other specific details. All of this can be done directly on a pin instead of directing viewers to another page that's full of source information. Pinterest has also added some additional new features to the social pinning site.

New Pinterest Features

Not only has Pinterest made it simpler for brands to post details about products and services directly beneath a pin (no external links), Pinterest has also decided to focus more on mobile usage. Now, that popular "Pin It" button will appear on many additional mobile apps. If you use Pinterest, it will be easier to pin content you see from many mobile apps to your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is working on brining both of these features to more brands and to more mobile apps. Right now, the new Pinterest brand feature is available for select brands only including Sony, ModCloth, Ebay, and Target. Additional brands will be added soon. The mobile pinning feature has been added to apps like Etsy, Jetsetter, and Fotopedia. Pinterest has also stated that additional "Pin It" options will be added to more mobile apps in the near future.

Pinterest Practices Patience

Most social sites are quick to roll out new features and try to gain revenue through those features. Pinterest isn't like the rest. Instead of creating new features regularly, Pinterest takes time building and crafting features that work. Eventually, these updates will bring the company more revenue, but Pinterest is never in a rush.

This slow and steady mantra that Pinterest developers seem to live by works for the company rather well. Pinterest users don't feel rushed or frustrated by new features or bombarded with ads, but Pinterest doesn't overlook creating more revenue streams either. If you use Pinterest, you will see some of these new features shortly. If you don't use Pinterest, you may find the service interesting.

New Design and Moving Forward

Earlier this year, Pinterest also introduced a new web design. That design made it clear that the company is headed in some kind of positive direction, and that the site definitely has room for improvement. It's tough to say what Pinterest will do next, but so far the improvements have been positive.

If you own a brand and are trying to figure out how to get the new brand feature, you'll have to sit tight. Right now, Pinterest is testing out this feature. But, the company has stated that the new brand information feature will be available to the general business public soon. All things are looking positive where Pinterest is concerned, and that's more than can be said for many other networks!