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  • PS4 News: Big Leak!

Sony purchased a streaming company called Gaikai last year. As was suspected by most, Sony will use the newly purchased streaming technology in conjunction with the upcoming PS4. The new console will stream games according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Does this mean the end of discs as we know them? It all depends on what Sony announces when the company weighs in on the recent WSJ rumor.

Right now, it’s known that Sony will use the new streaming technology to stream old games to the new console. The company may also stream new games, but that’s simply a rumor for the time being. Why bother streaming older games to a new console? Well, the new PS4 will have an AMD X86 chip. This chip will not allow console owners to play older games on the new console.

A Quick Streaming Solution

So, you see, Sony has a problem. Die-hard PlayStation fans won’t be happy that the new PS4 won’t play older games, and this may make sales of the new console drop. What’s the best way to combat this problem? Offer streaming games of old through a newly purchased streaming service – that’s where Gaikai comes into play. So, the new PS4 will contain a faster AMD chip, but will also be able to play older games through the new streaming system.

How many older titles will the new streaming system hold? Presumably, many older titles will be available through the stream that Sony is setting up. But, it’s hard to tell just how far back the titles will go, or if Sony will charge for all older titles.

It’s also hard to estimate whether or not Sony will make purchasing new titles possible only through the streaming service. If the company moves in this direction, it could mean the end of sharing or burning games – something that gamers won’t be happy with, but could end up saving Sony some cash.

The Upside to Streaming

The great thing about being able to stream older games it that (potentially) users could play these games across many different devices. Logically, any device would be able to play a streamed game. This would make users very happy indeed. Really, it’s a win-win situation for most with the new streaming technology. Granted, all of this is based on a recent WSJ report, but the Wall Street Journal tends to be fairly accurate.

When will the PS4 finally hit shelves? Rumor has it that Sony will reveal the new console on February 20th, which is just a few days away now. This date hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, but I will keep you posted on any updates.

If you happen to be a PlayStation fan, what do you think about the new streaming news? Will Sony be stripping gamers of sharing rights, or is a streaming console something that’s been a long time coming? Do let me know what you think of this news, and I’ll return the favor by keeping you posted on any upcoming Sony events, news, and updates!