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  • New PlayStation Coming In February
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The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Sony will launch a successor to the PS3 this month. As with most other console manufacturers, Sony is expected to focus more on social aspects and less on gaming. Sony will be competing with Microsoft this year as well. Microsoft is expected to launch a new console later this year.

While some gamers are happy to see a new PS4 (if that’s what the console will be called) on the horizon. Others aren’t thrilled about the direction that Sony is reportedly moving in. For the past few years, numerous consoles have been far more concentrated on social aspects and less on actual gaming. Creating a social world for gamers has its benefits, but it also has some serious and definite drawbacks.

Has Gaming Gone Social?

It’s a social world. From social sites spanning the expanse of the Internet to point-and-click cameras suddenly becoming connected via WiFi, social is the way that most companies are starting to move. Gaming consoles have been heading down the social road for some time now, though Sony has been behind the rest. Often seen as the true gamers platform, it will be interesting to see how gamers react to Sony’s new PS4. Of course, all of this is speculation at this point.

Sony has released a teaser video that can be seen on the company’s website, though the video does not reveal much information. Viewers will see classic gaming buttons while watching the video, but it’s hard to see much else. Sony is planning a major press conference on February 20, and investors have been invited to this event. The fact that Sony has invited investors lets us know that the company is planning to unveil something huge. Will is be a PS4? More likely than not a new console is on the horizon, but it looks as though that console will be more than just a gaming device.

A Long Time Coming

PlayStation fans have been waiting for a new console from Sony for six years. The PlayStation 3 console launched back in 2006, so Sony is due for a revised version of the classic console. Serious gamers have always chosen the PlayStation over other consoles on the market, and Sony is definitely known for creating real gamer games as opposed to casual kid-friendly games. Will this time be different? Is Sony creating something that’s completely social and less gamer-friendly?

Since Sony and the WSJ are both reporting that something big will arrive on February 20th, you can also count on the fact that that something will be the new PlayStation console – in fact, the WSJ states that it will be a new console. What the console will be like and other details have yet to be released. What do you think about Sony moving in a more social direction? Is this a good move for the company? If you are a gamer, are you looking forward to a new PS? I’ll keep you posted on any updates from Sony.