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  • Radiolab App for Android and iOS
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The podcast Radiolab has done very well via iTunes for quite some time now, so a Radiolab app simply makes a lot of sense. Now, Android and iOS users can tune into Radiolab podcasts through a new app that’s just hit Apple and Google stores respectively. The app is free and will delight all who can’t get enough of what Radiolab has to offer. If you happen to be a fan of the popular podcast, the Radiolab app is chalk-full of excellent features.

Current Shows and Archives Too

A podcast app would be rather pointless unless you could actually listen to podcasts, right? Thankfully, the folks at Radiolab have grasped this concept and the app is actually quite functional. If you download the Radiolab app, you will be able to listen to current podcasts in addition to searching through an (quite thorough) archive of podcasts from the past. Another cool feature of this app is that you also have the choice to view some Radiolab videos (that’s right, there are videos too!).

If and when you hear or see something that you love, you can also share a video or podcast quite easily through the Radiolab app. This app provides quick and simple access to a number of sharing options including email, Facebook, and a “copy link” option. The Radiolab app also makes it possible to download offline content, so that you can listen to any podcast at any time no matter where you are. Really, this app has everything that you’d want and expect it to have, which is really quite refreshing. All too often, apps don’t actually have a purpose, but this is not the case with the new Radiolab app.

Pricing and Other Details

The only problem that I foresee with the Radiolab app is that the app itself costs $2.99. As far as apps go, that’s a pretty high price to pay. So, is the Radiolab app worth the high price? After reviewing the app and reading other reviews, it seems as though the Radiolab app is actually priced fairly. Sure, you will have to cough up $2.99 to tune into Radiolab, but this is public broadcasting and apps aren’t cheap to build. Plus, as mentioned, this app really does serve a purpose, has a great UI, and is intelligent.

If you are a fan of Radiolab and you want to listen to past and current shows, listen while you are not connected, and generally explore the show inside and out with all kinds of useful app features, the Radiolab app is a great deal at $2.99. This app is currently available through the Apple app store and through the Google marketplace. The Radiolab app might not be something that you can’t absolutely live without, but, on the other hand, it’s an excellent app to purchase if you want to tune into Radiolab at all times without any kind of restriction. I mean, come on, you can even find past podcasts, and that’s just something that few other apps offer.