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It’s been awhile since Research In Motion came out with any new devices. But the company has to do something. After all, RIM stock is at an all time low. Amazingly, there are still people in the world, however, that love the BlackBerry. These people aren’t likely to give up on RIM either. For those who have stuck with the failing company, a silver lining might have just appeared. Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO, recently announced and showcased some new RIM products. These products aren’t on the market yet, but they do hold a good deal of promise.

First Up: A New QWERTY Phone

The one thing that sets BlackBerry devices apart from the rest is the QWERTY keyboard. Those who are used to it love it. Those who try it for the first time tend to become addicts. That full keyboard lets some type lighting fast. Taking cues from its loyal customers, RIM isn’t going to do away with that popular keyboard. In fact, the first new device that you’ll see surface in 2013 is a brand new QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry. This device looks sleek, appears to be lightweight, and will come with RIM’s new OS (more on that below).

Also, A New Touchscreen to Look Forward To

In addition to the new QWERTY smartphone that RIM will be releasing, the company has created an all-new touchscreen option. Those who have had the chance to view the new touchscreen liken the device to photos of the iPhone 5 that have been in circulation. Of course, those photos aren’t actually official, and people could have been circulating photos of the new Blackberry touchscreen. The touchscreen option offers a full touchscreen, plenty of screen space, and a nice design all-around. This phone will also run the new RIM OS.

About the New BlackBerry OS

RIM was supposed to release a version of the all-new OS this year. However, this release date was pushed back. RIM wants to make sure that the new operating system is working seamlessly before releasing it. This is, no doubt, a lesson that the company learned from previously releasing an unfinished PlayBook device. While Heins didn’t say too much about the new OS, reports state that he was clearly excited about the work that the RIM team has been doing. Really, any new OS that RIM creates will be better than the current one. Not that the current one is bad, but BlackBerry really needs an update.

If you are one of those die-hard BlackBerry fans, this is all the news that you’ll need to hear to make your day. RIM plans to release the new devices and the new OS sometime in 2013, though many are hoping that this release date will be a bit sooner. For now, you’ll have to hang onto your current BlackBerry knowing that updates, and better devices, are coming soon. All very good news, indeed, from RIM. In short, RIM’s stocks may be plummeting, but this Canadian company hasn’t given up yet.